Norwalk Little League Announces All-Star Teams

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Norwalk Little League teams begin District 1 competition this week.
Norwalk Little League teams begin District 1 competition this week. Photo Credit: Contributed

NORWALK, Conn. -- Norwalk Little League announced the players who will represent the league in District 1 All-Star competition.

The 11-12-year-old team is made up of Myles Andiropolous, Michael Boyian, Jake Deleo, Jake Dumas, Jack Fitzpatrick, Kyle Gordon, Cooper Grillo, Jared Jones, Tyler LaFranco, Randy Mateo, Jack Mathews, Shane Popkins and James Stefanowicz..Norwalk opens District 1 play Thursday, June 26, against North Stamford at Coleman Mix Field in Darien at 5:45 p.m.

The 10-11 team includes players Steven Arduino, Joey Camberari, Brandon Frederique, Landon Heatley, Ryan Inzitari, Malachi Longo, Korey Morton, Jonathan Munoz, Kevin Pascual, Andrew Romaniello, Trey Taylor-Diurno and Joey Snyder. Norwalk plays its opener Friday, June 27, against Wilton at Bill Terry Field in Wilton.

The 9-10 All-Stars are Ryan Buzzee, Art Cocchia, Jaden Echevarria, Cole Forcellina, Javier Gonzalez, Seamus Herlihy, Daniel Miller, Alistair Morin, Ethan Platt, Jake Pomponi, Mitchell Stiles and Jose Vasquez. Norwalk plays Springdale of Stamford in its opening game on Friday, June 27, in Norwalk at Broad River.

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Norwalk should announce that it will help offset the costs associated with Little League. How wonderful that would be! 
As a very hard working, single parent,  it is incredibly difficult to make my dollar stretch in such an expensive city as Norwalk. By the time I'm done paying bills, who has the extra money for the costs associated with my child partaking in little league (registration, uniforms, cleats, etc)? Not me!
Sadly, the city ONLY is interested in how much money it can generate, and NOT helping the youth!! The ONLY ones that suffer are the children whose parents can not afford to enroll them.
Apparently, my situation is NOT unique at all. After speaking to other parents, they also CAN NOT enroll their children in ANY after-school activities (as some of their classmates are) due to the costs. 
When and if the city should ever decide that helping out its' hardworking citizens is more important than making a buck, it just might also be helping itself. As the kids today involved in sports are much less likely to commit crimes as they get older. 
As the youngsters that are involved in sports, learns important life lessons: teamwork, perseverance, commitment to oneself and others, importance of being team member, knowing others depend on you, etc. The list of positives of joining a sport and being team player is endless.