Norwalk To Spend $100,000 On School Security Upgrades

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NORWALK, Conn. – In light of Friday’s shooting at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, Norwalk officials this week have started a thorough review of the security procedures at each of the city’s 19 schools.

The move follows the city’s decision to increase the police presence at all city schools this week, and already officials are looking at plans to spend $100,000 from the capital budget on various security measures districtwide.

The exact nature of how the money will be spent has not been disclosed, but it is expected to include building locks and possibly additional lighting and security cameras at certain schools.

Interim Superintendent Tony Daddona said Tuesday that while every school has a safety committee and emergency plan, all those plans are under review, as are the district’s lockdown procedures.

Additionally, the school system’s accountability measures, or how the district accounts for each student during an emergency, also will be reviewed.

Tuesday morning, Daddona, Mayor Richard Moccia, Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons, Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik, Fire Chief Denis McCarthy, Emergency Management Director Michelle DeLuca and other officials began the review process , which is expected to take several months to complete.

Norwalk Police Lt. Marc Lepore will spearhead the school security review, which is designed to identify any weaknesses in the current system, Daddona said.

While some components of the review will be disclosed, much of it will not, according to Lyons and Daddona.

“As soon as the plan becomes public, it’s no longer a safety plan,” Daddona said.

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Comments (5)

Each School should have a cop posted their for morning drop off, lunch, and end of the day. But the problem with that is that the town wants the school system to pay for there services which will cost the board $40 plus an hour per cop per school because they would have to pay for overtime.(hopefully this isn't going to happen but I have seen it) See I believe it should be allotted as part of their job since they are CITY EMPLOYEES and schools are city property. And if that doesn't work maybe its time for the school to hire it's own security team. But I don't see how $100,000 is going to cover the cost for that plus equipment.

Do you suggest people shod be armed in a school?

As a permanent fix, the city of Norwalk should consider pulling the police presence/security off the local road construction sites and put them at our schools.
I worked construction in NY and other than Highway construction sites having NY State Trooper presence, town road projects never required local law enforcement to be present.

I'd be happy to see the 19 schools have a police officer stationed at the school. They could take other calls during the day and maybe hold some short safety classes during the day. They certainly would get to know the kids and some kids might find out the cops aren't the enemy. The Police would definitely gain valuable intel. Having a professional is Much better than having gun toting teachers
There was a road project on my street that really only needed detour signs ( it's a short street with no real reason to be traveled unless you live here ) and a dump truck backed over the cop standing in the road, even with blaring back-up horns, he was so close the rearview mirrors were useless and the half dozen workers were to busy working until it was to late. My screaming from my open kitchen window was useless of course but not a week goes past without me seeing that unfold once again in my mind as i rinse a dish. There was no good reason to have a cop at the worksite.

The weakness in the system is people cant defend themselves. Lobbying the state legislature to change that might be best.