Norwalk Schools Warn Parents, Students About Suspicious Man In Van

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Norwalk Public Schools are warning parents and children to be aware of the dangers posed by strangers after a Cranbury Elementary School student reported being offered candy and a ride by an unknown man in a van, according to an email sent to parents. 

Deputy Superintendent Tony Daddona said a student of the Meadow Gardens housing complex told her father that a stranger driving a van asked whether she wanted candy after she got off of her school bus. 

The child described the suspect as a white male in his 30s with a scar on his face and wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and glasses.

Here is a full text of the email Daddona sent on Friday to parents: 

Dear Parent/Guardian,   

A Cranbury School student reported being approached by a man in a van while getting off a school bus in South Norwalk, in the area of Meadow Gardens. The report said the man encouraged the student to get into the van by offering candy. He was described as a white male in his late 30s, with a scar on his right cheek, wearing a green hoodie and glasses. The report said he has been seen in both a white van and also a blue van.

Please be sure to talk with your children this weekend about safety rules regarding strangers. Remind them not to take candy or anything else from adults or children who they do not know. If a grown up asks them to get into an unfamiliar car or van, or to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, they should immediately tell a trusted adult. 

We will let you know if any additional information becomes available. If you have any specific concerns or information, please let your school principal know, or contact the Norwalk Police Department.


Tony Daddona
Deputy Superintendent
Norwalk Public Schools

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Comments (5)

Ken the story gets worse,first the media was told well after everyone goes home in the school dept.They wern't honest the truth didn't flow right so a reporter went and found the police report.This person was seen twice in two vans on the same corner by the girl and other kids two days in a row.Makes it more credible I think.

To Lady a thanks you show us as well they can't do the job they can't put anything together,The Daily becomes a source for prevention they deserve a thanks as well.

The schools were didn't share the same information between them until a day later it seems who ever is running the show is doing a lousy job of it.The robo call would of made to at least those living near the corner with no kids in school aware no one likes scum like this.

Sounds like same guy who was spotted in Bethel last week cHasing and attempting to steal a girl who just got home from school. White van, in thirties.

Was it a White van or a Blue van? Is it credible or is it another wild goose chase? And why is a kid from Meadow Gardens going to a school in the Cranberry area when there are several schools much closer anyway?
I tend to agree with Sononeknows, this city is largely run by idiots more concerned with political popularity and careers by far, than performance or the safety of our children & taxpayers.
School districts exist for a reason & ALL children in a district should be in that districts schools. This wouldn't prevent things like this particulate case but it would have children in schools where they know people and allow teachers & staff to be more familiar with students and their families.

In addition I don't think Mr Daddona is in a position to tell me or other parents when & what to talk to our children about. Do your job not ours, you get paid very well for it.

Tony Daddona you should step down tell us you didn't know this tuesday when it happened.Norwalk has great faith in our schools and our police dept where was robo call where was our mayor and where was the school dept?

We hear money spent on making schools secure and safe when you have idoits running the show where is the comfort.Where is Morris in all this wasting our time with pre election antics when our kids are not getting the security they deserve.

Don't tell us parents for days when we coud of been loking unstead of the seekend press release showing us image over security.

No one shoulf feel our kids are safe when we have this happening by those who tell us its safe we are all opver it.

Shame on those in charge wasn't your kids in danger,sad nothing has changed the last stool at the Inn must be taken by the new boss.

Suppose the perp now has read this and will pick another school bus stop nice work boys