Norwalk Schools Tap Illinois Firm For Superintendent Search

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NORWALK, Conn. – Emphasizing its desire to receive community input once the search officially begins, the Norwalk Board of Education approved Illinois-based PROACT Search on Tuesday to help the city find its next school superintendent.

The search is expected to cost the city about $22,000, money which education officials found in savings from the Special Education transportation budget, according to school system’s Chief Operating Officer Elio Longo.

Tony Daddona, formerly the district’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, has been serving as interim superintendent since late August following the July resignation of Susan Marks. Marks held the post for two years.

PROACT Search was selected, in part, because the firm promises to conduct diverse community outreach to gather input on what residents want to see in a new superintendent.

“The community wants us to move forward,” said board member Steve Colarossi, who added that he hopes Daddona will apply for the position.

All but board member Migdalia Rivas voted in favor of the measure, with Rivas stressing that she did not believe school system could afford to pay for the search.

“There are problems with Special Education as it pertains to funding, so I think this $22,000 should be put back into that program,” Rivas said.

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Comments (5)

Marks resigned on July 13 and it's now November. And the search for the search company is just completed. I highly doubt a new superintendent will be in place for the 2013-14 school year at this rate. The CEO of the $4bn company I work for resigned last week and the same day his replacement was announced. Why does this process take so long?

shame they didn't have the same money for a new police head,Tom from within will prove to be one of the largest mistakes the Mayor has made so far.

Reason to look outside the city is what idiot knowing what Steve and his pal the Mayor are all about will ask for more money.

Seems the republicans were waiting until after the election to split the rest of the pie up,its certain the way some of the new council members are action they have been promised something thier own people are starting to get wind Norwalk council is going nowhere,Time to start loking to replace most of the council.

The superintendent announced that grant funds were available to help alleviate the over-crowding situations in the Title I schools. The potential for overcrowding was why I voted against the budget recommended by then Supt. Marks.
Also, I stated that I hoped Mr. Daddona would apply for the job.
One of the duties of the search firm is to develop a number of community forums to assess what all stakeholders in Norwalk feel are critical for our next permanent superintendent. Hiring a permanent superintendent who meets the needs of our community is critical to helping all of our schools move forward.

Here we go again. Outsiders not having a clue about our school system. The BOE can careless about the classrooms looking like a concert 5 days a week for180 days. Guarantee if there kids were in this situation they would make sure that their child wouldn't be going through this mess. All I have to say is....if my child starts falling behind and not getting the proper help that is required... I personally will go after the BOE and my attorney will be called in to file a case against them, Its not fair to teachers or our children. Why should our kids suffer because someone down town doesn't know how to do

Thats the same money that would have put oversize aides in the oversized classrooms right? The same fund they voted a few weeks ago to keep intact as a cushion? So that means the issue of oversized classrooms is a dead issue?

And Colarossi is saying he hopes Daddona ends up with the job anyway? So that $22,000 is just for confirmation I'm guessing.

Im looking forward to the budget "focus" meetings, I hope people come to let the BOE what is happening in our actual schools right now.