Norwalk Schools To Open On Regular Schedule Tuesday

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Norwalk schools are expected to open on a regular schedule Tuesday, according to interim Superintendent Tony Daddona. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk schools will be open with a regular schedule Tuesday, following an unexpected closure Monday after a large number of educators were unable to make it to the district.

Friday’s major snowstorm shut down schools that day, but the district anticipated opening on a two-hour delay on Monday.

However, interim Superintendent Tony Daddona said a nearly unprecedented number of educators from area communities contacted the school district Sunday and early Monday to say they could not travel to the city.

One hundred forty four teachers, 11 administrators and 57 non-certified personnel notified the school to say they were unable to travel to the district.

“I understand the difficulty so many of our out-of-town staff faced [Monday], making the commute impossible,” Daddona said in a statement. “Indications are that most streets are being plowed today and so I am confident that, barring an unforeseen emergency situation, schools will be open [Tuesday].”

All of Norwalk’s roads and school parking lots were cleared by Sunday. The storm dumped 22 inches of snow on the city.

“The parks, public works and custodial staff worked tirelessly through the weekend to ensure our streets are safe and school buildings are accessible,” said Daddona.

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