Norwalk Schools To Dismiss Early Wednesday

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A Norwalk school bus drives down Water Street in the snow Wednesday to pick up students for an early dismissal. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – With another strong storm bearing down on the region, Norwalk public schools are dismissing students early Wednesday, school officials announced.

The district is letting out students two hours early and canceling all after-school activities. Schools are expected to be open as scheduled on Thursday.

Light snow began falling Wednesday morning at about 11 a.m., but no major accumulations are expected. High wind and coastal flood warnings have been issued for Norwalk through Thursday morning. 

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Comments (4)

sad situation:

I work in the school system, as of right now we dont have to make up. As far as february break, out of that week, where only doing 3 days. Remember we have to go to school veterans day, even though it falls on a sunday this year, that monday we will be in, there are a few days left that are still available to us, after thats gone, I have no clue of whats going to happened, will be in school until june 30th we can't go beyond that. Its the state law. So Mr. M you will be making some money for the whole year. Make that money.


Hope this storm is not too bad. Any idea on February break...rumor is they are cancelling it...anyone have any idea out there?

sad situation:

That rumor may come to light. The system fells to understand that people love hitting the mountains to ski. Last year there were sooooo many teachers, kids and etc, out they had to bring so many subs in. Now thats how the system gushes out money. Parents teachers whoever will take that time. We would have to use out sick time and personal time, at this time with everything going on in this school system, if you have the time, they will use it


After many days with no school, I was happy to do some subbing today. Can't believe it was early dismissal. At this rate I'll be subbing in July. :-)

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