Norwalk Legislators Welcome Plans For More School Funding

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An increase of $250,000 could be headed to Norwalk schools.
An increase of $250,000 could be headed to Norwalk schools. Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. -- An increase of $250,000 in state funds could be headed to the Norwalk schools.

Norwalk's state legislative delegation announced recently that the General Assembly's Appropriations Committee is in line to approve an increase of $250,000 in Priority School District funding for Norwalk schools, according to a release. State Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk), who serves on the committee, said he has advocated for the additional support for Norwalk schools.

“Additional state funding for Norwalk schools means more support for our teachers and our city’s children, and it will also help to lighten the burden on our local property tax," said Duff. "I thank my fellow members of the Appropriations Committee for their support of these funds. Our Norwalk delegation will continue to support and fight for this measure as the legislative session continues through the next several weeks." 

The $250,000, if approved, would represent the second increase in state support for Norwalk schools in as many years after the legislature approved a $1.37 million increase in Priority School District program funding for the Norwalk Public Schools in both fiscal years 2014 and 2015. 

“Our schools always benefit from extra support, and it’s the students most of all who will benefit from these funds," said state Rep. Bruce Morris (D-Norwalk). "I will continue to support this increase in the weeks ahead, to help ensure its final passage.” 

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This represents an additional $22 per student, which doesn't come close to closing the gap between what Norwalk recevies per student (almost $1000)and what a community like West Hartford receives per student (over $5000). I hope that this doesn't satisfy our representatives. While I appreciate their hard work on our behalf to secure these additional funds, the real solution lies in relegislating the ECS Formula. What happened to the ECS Task Force? What were their findings? Have they been implemented?