Norwalk Board Of Ed Considers Eliminating February Break

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Interim Superintendent Tony Daddona is recommending Norwalk schools eliminate the February break to make up for canceling of school during and after Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – After canceling school for several days due to Hurricane Sandy, Norwalk school officials are now considering the cancellation of February break to make up for the missed sessions.

The district lost six days due to the storm and it has five snow days left to keep the system on track for a 181-day school year, according to interim Superintendent Tony Daddona. By canceling the February break, the district will regain some cushion in the event of more snow days.

Daddona made the recommendation to the Board of Education during a meeting Tuesday night, but the board did not vote on the measure. Instead, a decision will be made at its next meeting, scheduled for Nov. 20.

Currently, the last day of school will be June 21, Daddona said, due to the storm closings.

“We would eliminate the vacation days of Friday, the 15th, and Tuesday, the 19th,” Daddona said. “Monday, the 18th, we have to take because it’s a national holiday.”

If the rest of the school year holds with only a couple of more snow days, the school system would not need to add days onto the end of the year, which board members and some residents said they would hope to avoid.

“Days added in June are not value-added or productive,” said Norwalk school employee and resident Marcia Kibbe. “Students and teachers begin to shut down because the classrooms are so hot.”

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Comments (3)


I really wish they would give it up with the February break all together. Kids have a day off every month except one month, plus Thxgvg, Christmas, New Years, February, wonder the kids don't want to do anything. There is no consistency! They don't need February with Christmas and April.
Give them a real summer!!

Broad River:

Excellent point.

Oh, I agree ! I went to Parochial schools and we never had a week off every eight. I also agree so many interruptions in the curriculum means when kids come back they need a review to get back up to speed, yet another day or two, lost from learning something new.

Broad River:

I hope the B.O.E. has looked at the historical record of days taken due to weather in past Februaries. If it's an abundance of canceled school days then take the 15TH and 19TH back. Otherwise I would think taking the 15TH or 19TH would still give the students a long weekend. There is still room in April to take back days, if needed.It's New England people perhaps the school year needs to be longer in the first place. Soon 181 days won't be enough days to teach anyway or do we want a 5 year high school?

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