On Facebook: Most Norwalk Residents Want Cops In Schools

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Several Norwalk residents who responded on Facebook said they would like to see police officers stationed at city schools from now on. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Most Norwalk residents want an ongoing police presence in their schools, or so their answers to a Norwalk Daily Voice poll would indicate.

The Daily Voice used its Facebook page to ask residents what they thought of police officers remaining in the schools, as they are this week, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. Out of 20 responders, only three objected. The rest generally expressed enthusiastic support.

“Very good idea,” wrote David Orr. “Without an armed adversary to slow him down, any nutcase can bust into a school and wreak havoc for a few minutes until police get there. Open your eyes people, this is REALITY!”

Farhan Memon disagreed. “Bad idea,” he wrote. “We should not be turning our schools into fortresses. The security state is not the answer.”

Norwalk officials placed officers at all 19 city schools by Friday afternoon following the shooting, and they announced on Monday that officers would remain there this week at drop-off in the morning, again at pick-up in the afternoon and throughout the day.

Schools are closed next week for Christmas break, but officials have not announced whether officers will remain for the rest of the school year or beyond. The city’s high schools have had a resource officer on campus for a while.

“Having a police officer at a school is a great idea, and definitely does not turn it into a fortress,” wrote John Palmer. “A police officer can blend nicely into the school community and become a great friend, role model, and source of comfort for the children.”

Palmer added that he has worked as an elementary school teacher, and students enjoyed seeing the Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer in the schools. “And again, if ever needed, he becomes a deterrent.”

Resident Diane Barrett-Aguiar said that with officers already in the high schools, she does not see a problem with them in the lower grades.

“The younger kids do look up to their authority, and it is an unfortunate reality that there is a need,” she wrote.

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Comments (10)

Tim T:

"Out of 20 responders, only three objected"
The question is how many of the 17 that were for this were cops or relatives of cops..Time and a half to do noting is a big incentive.. Also a survey of 20 on facebook is far far from a scientific survey.

Tim T:

"Out of 20 responders, only three objected"
The question is how many of the 17 that were for this were cops or relatives of cops..Time and a half to do noting is a big incentive.. Also a survey of 20 on facebook is far far from a scientific survey.

Tim T:

Why would anyone want to post a Norwalk cop outside of a school. The NPD has proven time and again that they are not capable of solving or preventing crime. If we the taxpayer are going to pay for this, what we need to do is hire the professionals of the State PD instead of the failures of the NPD. I am sure that the NPD is all for this as they see this as yet another excuse for overtime. I am not sure how many are aware but when a cop works for a different city agency (Parks and Rec, Housing, BOE Ect) that is at time and a half. Also let us not forget what happened when Cummings was posted at a school.


I had made a statement this week two schools in Norwalk have experienced lockdowns where guns were fired and people hurt,I forgot the three times when the Chestnut st schools themselves went on Lockdown and had stabbings and shootings outside the door.

So we now waited this long after Harry made sure his grand kid was safe with 24 7 coverage on Chestnut but the other schools were left to defend themselves.

The city’s high schools have had a resource officer on campus for a while.

Is there any reason the Daily can't tell us about the amount of arrests and police action each day the police resource officers do each day?

You have to undrstand if an arrest is made in the schools in the morning most times two regular officers have to be involved to take that offender to the station or court so on top off 1 cop at the school we need two in the bush to run the perp someplace.

Would this indicate early Norwalk needs more officers on the street,looking at the numbers 122 officers divided by days shifts and court must mean overtime for a force short staffed.

So all of those school shootings and busses hit by gunfire on woodward ave was just a drill for Norwalk and knowing they didn't learn then how to protect our kids then are we confident they will know now?

I give the officers on the street all 122 of them credit its the other 50 or so I worry still have no clue whats going on.

It should also be noted if Moccia is invloved that would indicate early there will be flaws in our system.

Today we are told of a teacher under a dark cloud in Norwalk thank God The HOur is changing its direction and has started reporting the news that effects us and our kids.

Who is going to protect our kids from the teachers who do this awful stuff?


I think you would have to speak to the NPD and the NPS about whether or not the police resource officers actually perform arrests. In Darien, the resource officer has stated emphatically that he is not there to bust the students. He's there to work with the students. In Bridgeport, it's a different story. I believe that officer can and will arrest a student if something is going down on school property. It appears to vary with the individual towns.

Tim T:



Cops at construction sites are not on City payroll. They are working for the contractors. If the City decides to assign full time officers to all the schools, it will need more cops. There is a committee working on school security and they will come up with a lot to improve security, but probably not cops at each school. Expect much tighter controlled access to school buildings with closed circuit TV at entrances, monitored by police dispatchers, possibly needing dedicated dispatcher/monitors. A few more cops is an excellent idea, but the cost of one for each school will be a big issue. Not as much as an additional teacher at each school, but a big cost.

Tim T:

Old Timer
The cops on the construction sites are being paid for by the city 100 percent. The ridiculous cost of overtime to have a cop watch a hole or sit in his car sleeping is figured into the price of the construction company contract. What Norwalk needs to do is limit overtime and hire traffic agents.


Yeah, Tim. extra jobs at construction sites are paid through the city payroll dept, but the money comes from the contractors, not the police budget. They are not assigned by the dept. and only officers who choose to sign up for jobs get them. Some sign for all they can get, some never do.
Officers that work extra shifts, for the dept, get time and a half and the city claims that is cheaper than hiring a full complement of the authorized numbers. Except in very unusual emergencies, these officers volunteer for the extra shifts and are then assigned by shift supervisors to fill vacancies.
I agree, responsible management would limit overtime so nobody was allowed to work more hours than he/she can handle safely. The law requires that now for over the road truck drivers.

John De:

I replied to a recent article that the city could and should pull the police presence off the construction sites around town and put them in schools.

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