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$1K Grant Awarded To Norwalk High's Healthy Choices Project

The grant benefited a Healthy Choices nutrition project at Norwalk High School.
The grant benefited a Healthy Choices nutrition project at Norwalk High School. Photo Credit: Contributed

NORWALK, Conn. – The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation has awarded a $1,000 grant to the Dr. Robert E. Appleby School Based Health Centers to benefit its Healthy Choices project at Norwalk High School, the Human Services Council announced.

The Healthy Choices program was developed by a registered dietitian and a personal trainer to help high school students make healthier food choices and engage in skill-building activities throughout the school year.

Eight Norwalk High School girls took part in the program, and each showed a 75 percent increase in understanding body mass index, the need to eat three meals and exercise a certain amount of time each day, and drink water rather than flavored drinks.

The Human Services Council has been around for seven decades, and has focused on identifying community needs and setting up or supporting programs that will help fulfill these needs. The council’s primary emphasis is on those who live in the Greater Norwalk area. For more information, visit the website at .

The Dr. Robert E. Appleby SBHC is a program derived from the Human Services Council. It helps to remove issues that prevent Norwalk Public School students from receiving medical and mental care. Services include medical and mental healthcare at the three high schools – Norwalk, Brien McMahon, and Briggs – and mental healthcare at the middle schools – Nathan Hale, Ponus Ridge and West Rocks. The results are a return-to-class rate of 97 percent.

The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation was founded in 1965 by DeLuca, who was then 17. He opened his first sandwich shop that year, which later grew into the Subway restaurant system. The foundation now provides scholarships to many high schools and community organizations in Connecticut. For more information, email to