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This single-family home on Splitrock Road, in the Village Creek section of Norwalk, recently sold for $1.45 million, according to records from the Norwalk Town Clerk's office. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. – Curious about the amounts that homes are selling for in Norwalk? The following is a list of homes recently sold in the city, as reported by the Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office.

  • Karen Romeyn and Prescott Romeyn sold 15 Pine Point Road Unit 108 – Roton Point to Gilbert A. Holmes for $123,000.
  • Harrison Burnham and Theresa Burnham sold 17 Clara Drive to Gino and Amanda Debernardo for $405,000.
  • John A. Mella sold 4 Sherry St. to Bambara for $330,000.
  • Scott A. Overbeck and Jenna Stewart Overbeck sold 73 Silvermine to James Vanscoy and Angella Barinotto for $305,000.
  • Alexander Dunev and Diana Dunev sold 4 Newtown Court to James P. Gilbert and Christina M. Cipollari for $774,750.
  • GMSG Properties LLC sold 4 Millbrook Drive to Stevan Genuario for $300,000.
  •  NBFPPP, LLC, sold 59 Fort Point St. to Fort Point Properties, LLC, for $410,000.
  • Lisa K. Inoue sold 37 Splitrock Road to Cartus Corporation for $1,450,000.
  • James M. Weeks sold 20 Devon Ave. to James J. Cinque and Elizabeth Treado for $455,000.
  • Elizabeth C. Brown sold 257 West Rocks Road to Jeffrey and Irene Baker for $297,000.
  • Deutsche Bank National Trust sold 25 Laura St. to Alexander R. Koproski for $160,000.
  • Kondaur Capital Corporation sold 12 Van Ness St. to Alastair Marshall for $260,000.
  • SN Commercial, LLC, sold 33 North Ave. to 33 North Avenue LLC for $175,000.
  • Clara Garrington sold 31 Allen Road to William A. and Rosalie M. Chanler for $365,000.
  • William Chanler and Rosalie Chanler sold 12 Old Witch Court to Erin Gilroy and David Lane for $620,000.
  • DMB Real Estate Partners, LLC, sold 5 Park Hill Ave. to Gregory Rodriguez for $418,000.
  • Linda Greco sold 74 Toilsome Ave. to Regina Mayer for $357,000.
  • Michael L. Beck and Palina Beck sold 71 Aiken St. Unit Q1 to Feng Chen for $270,000.
  • Katharine Fogarty sold 26 Prospect Ave. Unit E4 to Richard H. Kreger for $112,000.
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Comments (2)


There seems to be a good range homes priced here. This is good information. Thanks!

William Tell:

I remember when there were families of all levels of income in Village Creek. This is a example of class warfare in action.

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