See Norwalk’s Recent Home Sales

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This single-family home on West Norwalk Road recently sold for $470,000.
This single-family home on West Norwalk Road recently sold for $470,000. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. – Curious about the amounts that homes are selling for in Norwalk? The following is a list of homes recently sold in the city, as reported by the Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office.

 Jill L. Friedlander sold 199 Gregory Blvd., Unit D3, to William H. Beardsky and Judi Beardsky for $439,000.

 Linda A. Kurtz sold 304 Foxboro Drive to Daniel L. and Joyce G. Stoogenke for $335,000.

 25 Seir Hill Road Associates, LLC, sold 25 Seir Hill Road to Seir Hill Partners, LLC, for $750,000.

 Estate of Nan Haavik Colinealk sold 6 Pennoyer St. to Elizabeth Beinfield for $587,500.

 Dorothy S. Clements sold 238 West Norwalk Road to Sigued R. Wendin Jr. for $470,000.

 Gemini Partners I, LLC, sold 185 East Ave. to Bliss Pest Protection Services, LLC, for $1,225,000.

 Jessica L. Bier sold 13.5 Burwell St. to Gary M. Greaves and Charlene Williams for $282,500.

 Kathleen Kuhner sold 10 Craw Ave. to Simon M. and Amy G. Rebbechi for $1,500,000.

 Estate of Claude Violette sold 80 County St., Unit 2-F, to Mariliz Licata for $112,000.

 John Cappiello sold 162 Bouton St. to Robert A. Wood for $160,866.

 The Bank of New York Mellon sold 11 Cleveland Terrace to Miryan and George Ramos for $198,800.

 Doris L. Shulman sold 5 Lookout Road to Martin A. Tagliaferro and Kathryn L. Yonda for $320,000.

 Bank of America, N.A. sold 45 Maple St., #1C, to Joan E. Yurman for $115,500.

 Norwalk Redevelopment Agency sold 310 Ely Ave., Unit F, to Rostislav S. Yachkoft for $195,000.

 Lori E. Krygiux sold 42 Assisi Way to Nicole Greeney and Joseph Cozza for $340,000.

 GMSG Properties LLC sold 19 Morgan Ave. to John Schiano for $460,000.

 Beverly A. Painter sold 6 Cliffview Road to Christopher Leavitt for $405,000.

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