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This single-family, waterfront home on South Beach Drive in Norwalk recently sold for $1.5 million.
This single-family, waterfront home on South Beach Drive in Norwalk recently sold for $1.5 million. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. – Curious about the amounts that homes are selling for in Norwalk? The following is a list of homes recently sold in the city, as reported by the Norwalk town clerk’s office.

• Michael J. Schmidt Trustee sold 8 New Canaan Way to Mark A. and Carol H. Dacey for $643,800.

• Jeffrey T. Coffin sold 92 Ledgebrook Drive to Kristen Storino for $220,000.

• Woodbury LLC sold 33 Glenwood Ave., Unit 3, to Ana Patricia Grullon for $400,000.

• 18 Knapp and Associates sold 18 Knapp St. to 111 Lexington Avenue LLC for $376,090.

• DGR Enterprises LLC sold 24 Knapp St. to 111 Lexington Avenue LLC for $255,750.

• Dean G. Russell Jr. sold 111 Lexington Ave. to 111 Lexington Avenue LLC for $186,890.

• DGR Enterprises LLC sold 117-119 Lexington Ave. to 111 Lexington Avenue LLC for $281,270. 

• Hans A. Clouse sold 12 Harvann Road to Robert N. and Claudia Clouse for $120,000.

• Ronald Burtnett and Maureen Burtnett sold 13 Hunt St. to Daniel P. Ricciardi and Andrea E. Carson for $675,000.

• A.E. Bruggemann & Co. Inc. sold 111 Rowayton Ave. to Rowayton One Eleven LLC for $3.8 million.

• Nance A. Rosett sold 146 Ponus Ave. to Michael and Katharine Reed for $390,000.

• Caroline B. Corrado sold 348 Flax Hill Road to Elisa Isabella-Malenzi for $309,000.

• Linda Taub sold 14 Ferris Ave. to Alicia Alba-Cassiano and Luis Rojas-Huertas for $190,000.

• Stephen W. Best sold 10 Ann St., Unit 307, to Arijit Dasgupta for $205,000.

• Positive Properties LLC sold 9 Arbor Drive to Christian DeSousa for $299,300.

• Slawomir Krycia and Ela Krycia sold 190 W. Norwalk Road to Alfred J. Vega for $380,000.

• 25 South Beach Drive LLC sold 25 S. Beach Drive to Charles J. and Susan E. Scarborough for $1.5 million.

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Comments (3)

This all looks good Norwalk is selling homes,you have to wonder if a school shooting in Norwalk yesterday will help those decide to sell and get out.

Maybe Bob Duff will come out of his protetcted corner and defend real estate agents in Norwalk to combat the bad press.

This crime wave with guns will not end until the Mayor Duff Perone and Morris are out of office,they were elected to help Norwalk out and what we have is stale politicians.

What is the city waiting for relatives from all over the country are reading about Norwalks school shooting and the Norwalk police dept denying where the event happened.

Watch and read your news folks Norwalk suffered another black eye with yet another shooting leaving us five in 7 days.Then to add insult to injury the damage control is not going to help Norwalk grow.Even The Hour made themselves look like idiots catering to the Mayors office by saying many times didn't happen at the school.Yet The Hour pictures show the school as a crime scene.

This will not make prices for homes go up if anything it will continue to drive residents from then city.

The press is a great thing when they work for the readers and not political parties.

Where Joanne now,leaving the council before the job was done is a Republican thing isn't it?
Bruce Kimmel needs to read the news his actions are no longer needed in Norwalk he has shown us all shootings are not up there with his grandstanding.

Norwalk is blessed with some great talent shame that talent wasn't running the city.

anyone think a stray live shell picked up by school children isn't possible?

Norwalk needs to grow up and with what we have for leaders that is a tough wish don't you all think.

Don't buy or shop in Norwalk it isn't safe,a message like that will outrage most everyone but Dick and his buying developers along with Bob will only profit by this

This list of sales comes from a Republican crony so how reliable is the cities list,yes its time to question all news coming out of Norwalk..

Mr. Greenpeace,
I always found your musings endearing, but when you start speaking about things you haven't quite comprehended, it is difficult to let your words stand unchallenged. I would advise you to contact Joanne and ask her why she left the city council. It was not a Republican or Democratic issue. It was because of certain crass individuals who made her role so miserable that she simply refused to allow herself to be a part of it. When she left, she took her heart-based wisdom with her. Norwalk's loss. On the flip side, when you miscall the shots on Bruce Kimmel, you are doing yourself a grave disservice. Bruce is one of the rare few who thoroughly does his homework. He should not be denigrated for seeking a workable discussion forum for the items that come before him.

let the record stand for itself how many officers did Joanne put on the streets all the years she served?If I,m not mistaken 177 was the cap and correct me if I'm wrong we havn't had the specified amount of officers for over 6 years always less ,So asking for more officers when we never had what was promised was what?

Bruce has injured the quality of life as others in office for those who live in Norwalk it needs to be pointed out.We all tune into the meetings and watch the council in action you are kidding maybe they do the homework but are failing the tests.The here and now tells us some things that have passed are on the agenda of candidates for future office who agree mindless decisions hurting Norwalk has been done without due diligence so much for homework.

Maybe your lost in all the tragedy but using the word shots has shown your no better than the rest of them.I would think before I write again for a city under fire that last thing anyone needs to see is someone making a play on words to defend mindless politicians who continue to drive the city down the wrong path during all this gun voilence.

Who ever your trying to blame for the previous post leaves most of us wondering what part of that post put you over the top?

But thank you for the praise not commenting on the rest of the post says something.