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This single-family house at 43 Old Rock Lane in Norwalk recently sold for $829,000.
This single-family house at 43 Old Rock Lane in Norwalk recently sold for $829,000. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. – Curious about the homes selling in Norwalk? The following is a list of homes recently sold in the city, as reported by the Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office.

Michael H. Forrest sold 9 Hillcrest Place to Racquel T. Maye for $625,000.

Junio S. and Andrea Filgueira sold 52 Devils Garden Road to Gyan K. Gosine for $285,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing sold 127-131 Harbor Ave. to FM Investments for $205,000.

 Marie G. Dobey sold 20 Steepletop Road to Robert M. Russell for $530,000.

Digna Berramendi sold 57 Osborne Ave. to John P. Curran for $250,000.

Robert L. Yeager sold 119 Gregory Blvd., Unit 47, to Michael P. Kremshi for $640,000.

Joseph J. Cutrone and Deborah L. Cutrone sold 17 Rudolf Lane to David Goldbaum for $556,000.

Peter C. Herrick sold 12 Ingalls Ave. to Barakat Saadawy for $225,000.

Household Realty Corp. sold 50 Aiken St., #483, to Kristen Lewis for $185,000.

John L. Wixson sold 69 Broad St. to Christina L. Boccarossa for $162,000.

Lewis A. Miller and Jean C. Miller sold 15 Pine Point Road, Unit 328, to John R. and Allegra L. Erickson for $128,500.

Joseph T. Waters, IV, and Katherine A. K. Waters sold 33 Wilson Avenue to David Burke for $890,000.

Estate of Joan M. LaClair sold 56 Sammis St. to Two St. James Place, LLC, for $1,450,000.

Estate of Alice F. Albertson sold 28 Howard Ave. to Ariana Lecaj for $290,000.

Bart Turecamo sold 25 Marshall St., Unit 3B, to 25 Marshall St., LLC, for $335,000.

Estate of Virginia S. Bartow sold 213.5 West Rocks Road to William J. Stenger for $350,000.

Reid Hackney and Sharron Baker Hackney sold 43 Old Rock Lane to William Toby Martin and Dawn Marie Martin for $829,000.

Tuthill Finance sold 1 Chipping Lane to Irina Zuboreva for $340,000.

Joan R. Woodger sold 2 Shepherd St. to Allan Broadbent and Corinne C. Broadbent for $365,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., sold 80 County St., Unit 4-D, to Bertrand Fontus and Josephine Pierre for $158,362.

Paul J. and Paula Diane Otteson sold 50 Ponus Ave. to Susan Y. and Daniel A. Dilloway for $220,000.

Frank Gurnari sold 35 Clinton Ave. to Michael Gurnari for $250,000.

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Comments (3)

ahhh, now they are all deleted. Daily Norwalk isn't worth reading anymore! All those comments are gone, is it because people complained about how this online paper covers NOTHING anymore? I wonder how long until THIS comment gets deleted...? A couple hours? A day? I'm sure it will be deleted because you don't want ANYONE saying anything negative about your paper, right? And, I'm sure people do remember that those other comments that were deleted were all negative! :::timing how long it will be for this to be deleted:::

hmmm, how strange that you cant get to the other 7 comments on this page...wonder why?

well I could say your not telling us anything new but on the other hand Like jACKIE unless you tell us about the crime or the injustice done to the taxpayer by city hall its not going to sell advertisement no one will log on.

So lets help them out that would effect housing sales

A victim tonight was assaulted on Woodward leaving injuries suggesting another vicious attack by the locals.That does't sell houses.

Now the new problem we have in Norwalk is the lack of transportation to the hospital.Last two stabbings the victims one brought himself and the other almost bled out where the fire dept had to wash down the blood but according to the police minor injuries,one stabbed four times according to the hospital tells us all that was vicious or they were play tic tac toe on the victim so maybe that stabbing wasn't that bad.

You figure the stabbing on the Haviland deck would prompt of all nights tonight better security yet crime occured again showing Norwalk is NOT the place to come and enjoy downtown Sono,,good job Dick and Tom you never let us whiners down.

I don't blame the Daily why cover Norwalks news anymore that shows a never ending crime wave if they did they too like channel 12 would be locked out of the flow of information to report,police report what looks good for the image.

Its been how many days since the two stabbings and another two vicious assaults on Woodward ave but why alert all those churches to be aware of your surroundings if they did it would show CRIME IN NORWALK at a STEADY pace.Why not make some of those elderly targets easy to hurt its does the dirty work of developers to move the low income people out of the city they love.

I agree the news is not flowing yet crime is picking up and our own Real Estate king Duff hides behind his desk now until next term only to come out and cut ribbon with Dick,they do make a nice couple high visiblity low impact on what hurts Norwalk.

Last year we heard great things for the New Year glad Linda came to Norwalk and employed so many people no not the WWF but all those kids they paid to canvas Norwalk for her ill fated shot at fame.

But buy a house in Norwalk and watch the city fall to yet another all time low.These houses sold doesn't tell you how much money the sellars needed to pay the banks to sell the houses we are looking at profits we are looking at losses folks lets be realistic.Bring a check to the closing so you can sell the damm thing is truly breaking the American dream.

Well now its time to see how the new year starts any pools on the next shooting stabbing or when a sweet contract to a republican supporter is given ?

Why settle down in Norwalk and buy a home be matter of time you become a victim from the sale.