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This single-family home on East Rocks Road in Norwalk recently sold for $552,000, according to the Town Clerk's Office. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. – Curious about the amounts that homes are selling for in Norwalk? The following is a list of homes recently sold in the city, as reported by the Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office.

  • Michael P. Clarke and Joseph G. Clarke, Jr. sold 12 Toilsome Ave. to Dominque E. Johnson and Billie Gastic for $434,500.
  • Andrew Mastropietro and Kimberly A. Mastropietro sold 11Skytop Drive to Stelian Eplue for $540,000.
  • Matthew C. Glick and Marta Nerin sold 31 Avenue D to Sondra R. Henry for $270,000.
  • United Congregational Church sold 22 Betmarlea Road to Robert Ostaszewski and Marzanna Ostaszewski for $600,000.
  • Johnny J. Correa and Christmas Correa sold 261 Strawberry Hill Ave. to William E. Sellers for $350,000.
  • James R. Metzger sold 1 Island Drive, Unit 2, to Karin S. Hartigan for $600,000.
  • Aarti Bijlani and Jeewat Bijlani sold 5 Riverwalk Lane to Jenner C. Stagg for $685,000.
  • Barbara J. Grathwohl sold 140 East Rocks Road to Howard M. Hayes and Lauren E. Martin for $552,000.
  • Estate of Harold Dennis sold 22 Elmwood Ave. to Sandra Labriola for $230,000.
  • Paul Couzelis and Nancy Couzelis sold 3 Knickerbocker Ave. to Joshua Paller and Johanna LaPorte for $462,500.
  • Francis L. Forte and Maureen Moran Forte sold 12 Riverwalk Lane to Anthony M. and Jennifer G. Kim for $653,000.
  • Keith T. Beniston and Susan S. Beniston sold 208 Flax Hill Road, #1, to Armando and Elna German and Frank Barrese for $215,000.
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