Wilton's Toni Boucher Endorses Fairfield's John McKinney For Governor

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State Sen. Toni Boucher is endorsing State Senate Republican Leader John McKinney, pictured, for governor.
State Sen. Toni Boucher is endorsing State Senate Republican Leader John McKinney, pictured, for governor. Photo Credit: File Photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Wilton state Sen. Toni Boucher is endorsing Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield in his run for governor.

“This is a critical election for Connecticut and for the Republican Party, and I believe John McKinney is the most qualified candidate to put both our state and our Party back on solid ground," said Boucher, the only Republican woman serving in the State Senate, in a statement.

Boucher is a ranking member of the General Assembly’s Transportation, Education and Higher Education committees. She represents New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton in the Senate. McKinney represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport in the Senate.

McKinney welcomed the endorsement, according to the release.

“Our party and our state are fortunate to have Senator Boucher, and I am deeply grateful for her endorsement," he said. "Toni is everything a public servant is supposed to be – compassionate with her constituents, thoughtful in her deliberations, and outspoken in defense of what she believes is right for the people she represents. I have learned a great deal from Toni and I look forward to her continued participation in my campaign.”

Boucher praised McKinney for his economic policies.

“The economy is going to be an important issue in this election and no one has been more aggressive at taking the fight directly to Governor Malloy on fiscal issues than John McKinney," Boucher said in the release. "But, education, transportation and women’s issues also need our attention and, on these issues, which are a priority for me and my constituents, Sen. McKinney reflects the views of the vast majority of Connecticut Republicans better than any other candidate. He was a vocal leader on the transportation committee. He is working with teachers, administrators and parents to help right the wrongs of Governor Malloy’s failed attempt at education reform. And, as a father of two girls, he has fought for equal opportunities for women both in the legislature and through private involvement in community organizations." 

Boucher is a member of the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee with more than 30 years of executive business experience, according to the release.

“John has been a trusted friend and devoted public servant for nearly two decades, and I have watched him grow into the exceptional leader he is today," she said. "John takes on the tough issues and he does it with more than rhetoric. He offers solutions and he fights for the best possible results for his constituencies. He will make a great governor." 

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Dear "Look At This": The damage was NOT caused by Republican governors, but by a Democratic majority in the legislature. Your fallacy is a prime example of turning facts on their heads - And repeating what is not true doesn't make it true.

And with respect to the administration, why did it change campaign funding laws which were developed to address undue influence so that state contractors can donate to political campaigns?
And why would the governor be traveling to California to raise money? Are Californians wanting to influence outcomes in Connecticut? Is that the model - let's be more like California which according to a state audit last year..."A financial report issued by state auditors finds that the state of California is in the red by an unsustainable $127.2 billion."

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/apr/1/california-red-1272-billion-state-auditors-say/#ixzz2xXbLexPS
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The gun ban was right thing.. Only a fool would disagree.

If the gun ban was the right thing the governor should require its enforcement. Order DEPPS to compare state gun records with assault weapon registration forms, the arrest those in violation and confiscate our guns. I'm all for that, bullets first. Molon labe!

Do you have a particular state in mind? We're slowly working towards relocating ourselves to an area that has lower taxes, less snow and politicians that are more in line with our values. I was really disheartened to see CT as the last state in terms of recession recovery recently.

Past Republican Governors of Ct have done more than enough damage. VOTE DEMOCRAT to continue repairing the damage created by the Republicans.

I wonder where State Senator McKinney was or what he did to alert Connecticut residents as to the limited and very skewed representation on Governor Malloy's AccessHealth healthcare exchange team where consumers had little if any voice and health insurance policies begin at $1400/month for families? Did he demand that the 49.9% of voters who voted for Tom Foley/Mark Boughton have representation in and during the process? In what forms and actions did he require proper transparency, disclosures, and representations?

Did Senator McKinney demand hearings on Common Core Curriculum, its costs, disclosure of its content and the backgrounds of its development teams PRIOR to its implementation? Holding hearings now after towns have spent tens of thousands of dollars if not much more to implement a program they had no opportunity to review sounds the same as Washington DC's Congress passing the 'Affordable" Care Act before they could see it. We need a leader who is ahead of the wave, not behind it.

NFW....both of these RINOs voted to strip citizens of Constitutional rights to bear arms. Neither they nor any other candidate is suitable for elected office after so willingly trading away our rights for liberal votes. Shame on them.

Foley and Walker get my vote.

I agree. Conservatives have to take the party back. (We need to get rid of John Frey also).

Thanks for the heads up. Next time I see Toni, I'll mention it to her.