Restaurant Association Honors Norwalk Sen. Bob Duff

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Norwalk Sen. Bob Duff was recently honored by the Connecticut Restaurant Association. Photo Credit: Connecticut Senate Democrats

NORWALK, Conn. -- The Connecticut Restaurant Association has honored state Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk/Darien) with the "Friend of the Industry" Award. 

The CRA recognizes a vendor, a restaurateur and a "friend of the industry" each year. Members of the CRA are also inducted into the Hospitality Hall of Fame. 

“Each year we honor an elected official who has been supportive of issues which impact Connecticut’s hospitality industry," Nicole Griffin, executive director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, said in a statement. "Sen. Duff has stood out as a vocal advocate on a variety of topics and we were delighted to present him with our 2013 Friend of the Industry Award,” 

While accepting the award, Duff discussed how vital the restaurant industry is to Connecticut's economic engine. 

“The restaurant industry plays a critical role in our state’s economy by employing over 144,000 people at thousands of small businesses. Yet it is also an industry particularly susceptible to dips in the economy, which has meant some hard times in recent years," Duff said in a statement.  

"That makes it more important than ever that the state put policies in place that make sense, and protect workers while helping businesses to thrive. I am proud of the good working relationship I have had with the Connecticut Restaurant Association over the years, and I am honored to be the recipient of this award.” 

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Comments (6)


Duff & the Democrats have plundered enough of the taxpayers money. They have done everything possible to destroy business & ram through legislation that deny constitutional rights!

Marley mae1:

Bob Duff is a rock star!!

Broad River:

Then he should ply his trade and stay out of the political arena.

Ken P Jr:

"That makes it more important than ever that the state put policies in place that make sense, and protect workers while helping businesses to thrive.

Sounds good, but its just a soundbite. Duff & the Democrats are directly responsible for our loss of industry and jobs. I guess if you are in the restaurant business you are ok, or other service jobs. But calling the restaurant or any service industry vital is silly. They don't drive an economy, they serve those in an area. If nobody can afford to go out & eat, or have their lawn cut, or house cleaned, those things dry up quickly. We need to get manufacturing back, we need to get construction moving again, things like that drive an economy, not the places where those people eat.

Broad River:

Aside from all what you have said, I guess we can dismiss the concept( dispel the myth ) of there being No Free Lunch, at least for Duff.

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