Norwalk Rep. Gail Lavielle Responds To Democratic Jobs Agenda

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Republican State Rep. Gail Lavielle issued a statement in response to the Democrats' recent Jobs and Business Agenda. Photo Credit: Contributed

WILTON, Conn. --  State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-Norwalk, Wilton, Westport) issued a statement following the announcement of the State House and Senate Democrats’ 2014 Jobs and Business Agenda.

“It is disappointing that this series of proposals does not take into account the imperative that is most often cited by Connecticut’s business owners and executives. Again and again, they have told me that what they want from the state is a consistent tax policy that will help them reduce their structural costs on an ongoing basis," Lavielle said in the statement. "This is particularly important for small business owners, many of whose businesses are heavily affected by individual tax rates. In the current environment, too many businesses are struggling just to cover their costs. To create jobs, they need to be able to afford and sustain them over the long term."

Lavielle went on to say that none of the proposals addressed the creation of a long-term tax policy that would be beneficial to businesses. 

"Until the state does this, it will continue to struggle with higher than average unemployment and a sluggish economy,” Lavielle said in her statement. 

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Comments (3)

Dlrty Duck:

Another has been or should I say never been republican.


Connecticut Republicans are way too far to the left. As such, it is difficult for moderate or conservative Republicans to get worked up for them. We need a Scott Walker to generate traction for the Republican Party in CT.

Ken P Jr:

The state is only interested in winning the race for most liberal state in America. Whether the population is making money or all on welfare doesn't matter.

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