Norwalk's Duff Leads Energy & Technology Committee

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NORWALK, Conn. – State Sen. Bob Duff has been appointed the Senate chairman of the Energy & Technology Committee for the new legislative term of the General Assembly, which opened Wednesday. A Democrat, Duff represents Norwalk and Darien. 

Duff, who was elected to his fifth term in November, was also named vice chairman of the General Assembly’s Committee on Children and was made a member of the Appropriations and Regulations Review committees.

The senator had been a member of the Energy & Technology Committee for several years and expressed his gratitude to Senate President Pro Tempore Donald Williams Jr. for naming him chairman.

“As the state forges ahead with the adoption of our Comprehensive Energy Strategy, it is an exciting time to be working on energy issues,” Duff said in a statement. “These are matters of enormous importance to our economy and economic development, for homeowners and businesses alike.”

Duff’s appointments will run for the full legislative term, which will end at the conclusion of 2014.

“I am looking forward to a really exciting session this year,” said Duff. “We will be working hard to create economic opportunities for more people, to revive Connecticut's economy and address this stubborn recession. A balanced budget is a top priority as well, in addition to transportation, school safety and education issues.”

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Why should the state fix your house? We could save ALOT of money and prevent shootings by bulldozing every low income housing project in the city and not replacing it.

Our crime issues are a many faceted thing, but tolerance is the biggest issue.

Lower people?

No we just duck a lot going by open windows Bob its the gun fire two nights in a row guess we are on an uptick in crime again ask Dick .

We would save on our heating bills if the State would have a program to fill bullet holes in our homes savings in heat would pay for the program I bet.

A new wind turbine on that new fire station would power the station and most of CT ave I also would bet on.