Norwalk Voters Head To The Polls Today

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Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia, right, and Fire Chief Denis McCarthy Sunday discuss the city's polling situation following Hurricane Sandy. All Norwalk voting sites will be open at 6 a.m., today, and close at 8 p.m.
Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia, right, and Fire Chief Denis McCarthy Sunday discuss the city's polling situation following Hurricane Sandy. All Norwalk voting sites will be open at 6 a.m., today, and close at 8 p.m. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Today is Election Day throughout the United States, and even though last week’s Hurricane Sandy left Norwalk’s schools closed and many residents without power, all of the city’s 12 voting locations will be up and running, Mayor Richard Moccia announced Sunday.

The polls will open and close at their regular time today, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and since all but one of the voting sites are in Norwalk public school buildings, schools will again be closed. Norwalk schools have been closed since Oct. 29 due to the storm.

“All of our voting places have power,” Moccia said. “But if we run into a problem at one of the sites, Connecticut Light & Power has a generator on standby.”

Norwalk voters will decide on a U.S. president, U.S. senator, U.S. representative, and several state representatives and state senators. The city’s two registrar of voters positions are also on the ballot, but those candidates – Republican Karen Doyle Lyons and Democrat Stuart Wells – are unopposed.

For president, Democrat Barack Obama is seeking a second term, and he is opposed by former Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican. Also on the ballot for president are Libertarian Gary Johnson and Independent candidate Rocky Anderson.

In the race for the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, Republican Linda McMahon is running against Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.  Libertarian Paul Passarelli is also on the ballot, and McMahon also appears on the Independent line.

In the Fourth Congressional District, which includes Norwalk and lower Fairfield County, incumbent Democrat Jim Himes is running against Republican Steve Obstinik. Himes also appears on the Working Families line.

The choice for state senator from the 25th District is between incumbent Democrat Bob Duff and Republican Jack Chiaramonte. Chiaramonte, chairperson of the Norwalk Board of Education, is also on the Independent line.

The choice for the 137th District is between Democratic incumbent Chris Perone and Republican opponent Joanne T. Romano. Perone also appears on the Working Families line, while Romano also appears on the Independent line. The polling sites are Marvin School on Calf Pasture Beach Road, St. Mary’s Church Community Hall on West Avenue and Tracey School on Camp Street.

For the 140th District, Democratic incumbent Bruce V. Morris is running unopposed. The polling sites are Kendall School on Fillow Street, Columbus Elementary School on Concord Street and Nathaniel Ely School on Ingalls Avenue.

In the 141st District, Republican incumbent Terrie E. Wood is running against Democrat challenger Rob Werner. The polling site is Roton School on Highland Avenue.

The choice for the 142nd District is between incumbent Republican Lawrence F. Cafero, Jr., who is running against Democrat opponent Kate Tepper. Tepper also appears on the Working Families line. The polling sites are Fox Run School on Fillow Street, Ponus Ridge School on Hunters Lane and West Rocks School on West Rocks Road.

For the 143rd District, incumbent Republican Gail Lavielle is running against Democratic challenger Ted Hoffstatter. The polling sites are Nathan Hale School on Strawberry Hill Avenue and Wolfpit School on Starlight Drive.

Voters are asked to bring a form of identification to the polls in order to vote, such as a valid driver’s license. In lieu of a driver’s license, voters bring an official document that has their name, utility bill or bank statement or checkbook, or a credit card with their name and signature.

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At long last.......a survey that will actually mean something.

Norwalk voters, please bring a non-perishable food donation to the polls for our 5th Annual Election Day Food Drive!
Your continued generosity brings in over 1,000 pounds of food each year for our local pantries, this year for Christian Community Action Family Food Pantry in Norwalk, serving families with food for over 200,000 meals a year!
Especially: peanut butter & jelly; canned soups, fruits, vegetables and tuna; boxed pasta and mac & cheese; healthy snacks; cereal.
To help today or volunteer for next year, call or email me (854-6930 or

Either I'm not paying attention or you're not getting the word out in a timely fashion. I know I have not seen any sinage. I would have loved to have brough a half dozen items to Ponus at 6AM today.

@broad: Hurricane Sandy pre-empted our letters to the editors and our normal flier distribution. Used email blasts through a couple of groups; folks posted on Facebook; announcements for the drive and a call for volunteer have been in The Hour and online.
Thank you for your intent to bring food items to Ponus. I can arrange for a volunteer to pick them up from you if you'd like.
For future, a group of concerned resident volunteers hold this event every year, so though I hope to do a better P.R. job next year, please mark your calendar for next Election Day - vote early and often and bring some peanute and jelly!

I went back and dropped off what I could in the box outside.
Thanks for all you're doing

@Broad River- thank you for going back and for donating food. Norwalkers are the most generous when the need is greatest and I think we are on track to finally break the ton mark for an election food drive!
Apologies again for not getting word out in the manner I vote (early and often....