Norwalk Sen. Bob Duff Named 'Clean Energy Champion'

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State Sen. Bob Duff
State Sen. Bob Duff Photo Credit: File Photo

NORWALK, Conn. -- State Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) recently received the "Clean Energy Champion" award from the New England Clean Energy Council. 

Executives representing member companies of NECEC recently visited the Connecticut State Capitol and presented Duff with the award for his leadership on clean energy policy. 

“I couldn’t be more pleased at how much Connecticut’s clean energy industry has expanded over the past few years,” said Duff. “The creation of DEEP and the implementation of the state’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy have really made the vision for a cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy future a reality in our state, and none of it would be possible without the support of our growing clean energy industry. I look forward to doing even more with you in the years ahead.”

The award ceremony was part of the Council’s Second Annual Connecticut Clean Energy Day, intended to showcase to the vibrant and growing clean energy industry in Connecticut and the benefits it brings to the state, representatives said. 

“Clean Energy Day is a tremendous opportunity for the clean energy companies driving much of Connecticut’s economic growth to get the word out about the vitality of our industry,” said NECEC President Peter Rothstein. “Connecticut clean energy companies are bringing new technologies to market and delivering important renewable energy and energy efficiency services to businesses and residents both within Connecticut and throughout the region, making our energy cleaner and more affordable.”

Duff Co-Chairs the General Assembly’s Energy & Technology Committee with State Rep. Lonnie Reed (D-Branford). The NECEC is a regional non-profit organization representing clean energy companies and entrepreneurs throughout New England and the Northeast through programs and initiatives that help clean energy businesses at all stages of development to access the resources they need to grow, representatives said. 

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Comments (2)

Bob Duff is a nice guy. But he is also part of everything wrong with this state.
His focus, be it state or local is on his popularity & electability, not on what needs to be done. Its an unfortunate reality that what needs to be done will not endear one to the Democratic voter in this state.

look forward to doing even more with you in the years ahead.”

Not if those in Norwalk or Darien has someone better to send to the State House and do the job right.His focus is on the State not Norwalk not Darien and voters know this.

The mere fact he help divert millions from the transportation funds for other things leaving what Metro North says is a falling apart train system is proof enough its time to find someone who is sensitive to our needs.This climb to the top is self serving from what we have seen so far.