Norwalk By The Numbers: Obama, Himes, Duff Win Big

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Norwalk residents gave re-elected Democratic President Barack Obama a nearly 2-to-1 edge over Republican opponent Gov. Mitt Romney.
Norwalk residents gave re-elected Democratic President Barack Obama a nearly 2-to-1 edge over Republican opponent Gov. Mitt Romney. Photo Credit: Flickr user marcn

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk, along with the resto of Connecticut, stayed blue Tuesday night, giving Democratic candidates big margins of victory.

According to figures released Wednesday by city election officials, Norwalk residents gave re-elected Democratic President Barack Obama a nearly 2-to-1 edge over Republican opponent Gov. Mitt Romney. Obama received 22,369 votes from Norwalkers, while Romney garnered 12,773. Combined, the two other presidential candidates on the ballot, Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson, received fewer than 400 votes.

For the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Independent Joe Lieberman, who is retiring, Democrat Chris Murphy handily beat Republican Linda McMahon in Norwalk, 20,540 to 13,008. Libertarian candidate Paul Passarelli received 484 votes.

Incumbent U.S. Rep Jim Himes (D-Greenwich) , a Democrat, doubled up his Republican opponent Steve Obsitnik in the city, 22,148 to 11,046, to retain the 4th District seat. The same goes for state Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk), who easily beat Republican – and Norwalk Board of Education chairman – Jack Chiaramonte, 26,678 to 12,873. The 25th state Senate district includes part of Darien, and Chiaramonte won there over Duff, 3,528 to 2,566.

In Connecticut’s 137th District, Democratic state Rep. Chris Perone (D-Norwalk) beat Republican Joanne T. Romano by a 2-to-1 margin 5,974 to 2,918.

Incumbent Republican state Rep. Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk), who is the House Minority Leader, was one the few Republicans to win re-election from Norwalk voters. He defeated his Democratic opponent, Kate Tepper, in the 142nd District, 5,222 to 4,412. Add in votes from part of New Canaan, which Cafero also represents, and the totals were 6,148 to 4,880.

The other two Republicans that Norwalk voters helped to send back to Hartford were Gail Lavielle (R-Wilton), who received 2,740 votes compared to 2,317 for her Democratic opponent Ted Hoffstatter. The 143rd District includes parts of Westport and Wilton, which Lavielle also carried. State Rep. Terrie Wood (R-Darien) was barely edged by her opponent, Democrat Rob Werner, in Norwalk, 1,565 to 1,553 but Wood carried the portion of Darien in her 141st District, which sealed her victory. 

Norwalk’s Democratic Registrar of Voters Stuart Wells said about 35,500 residents voted Tuesday, or about 80 percent of the city’s 44,559 registered voters.

“We had about 37,500, or 2,000 more, vote four years ago, but there was no hurricane,” said Wells. “So, the turnout wasn’t too bad.”

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Comments (10)

The republicans are the party of has beens, criminals and obstructionist. They will never see the white house again
This is why Obama won...The real Americans know the truth unlike the Republicans

I'm glad everyones happy, just surprised because of the many complaints in these forums. Seems to me if you wanted things to change or get better you need to elect some different people. But I learned long ago that people can be stubborn and their own worst enemies. Congratulations.

Chiaramonte is certainly not a polished, fancy dressed, smooth-talking politician. Sometimes he says things in ways that I wouldn't, and offends people.

That said, I respect and appreciate his dedicated efforts to 1) get a fairer portion of ECS funding from Hartford for Norwalk schools and 2) control spending on the Board of Ed's single largest cost - wages and benefits. Let's keep in mind that he receives no pay for any of this, just lots of aggravation when he is forced by rising costs and limited resources to make cuts. The Board of Ed is receiving MORE money from taxpayers this year than it received last year, yet they are still forced to make cuts in the classrooms because nobody has been willing or able to stand up to the Teachers Unions and get spending under control. Chiaramonte and the school board did so this year, and achieved a one-year pay freeze. They deserve thanks from every Norwalk taxpayer for their efforts.

Are any of the people commenting here willing to take on the thankless job of school board chairman? Willing to decide what cuts have to be made because spending automatically goes up every year, but revenue doesn't? Willing to fight the difficult battle to get spending under control so that kids can have a decent education without a tax hike every year?

In the end, I think it's very interesting that Chiaramonte did no better or worse than the state and national candidates on the same ticket. I had expected Chiaramonte to lose by a much larger margin than the others, considering the unpopular cuts that Chiaramonte has been forced to make and all the anger he stirred up within the Union when he suggested that teachers postpone a pay raise for one year to help avoid the cuts. Duff, by contrast, has the easy job of being Mr. Popular - focusing most of his efforts on showing up for photo-ops and issuing self-congratulatory press releases. For this, he receives a salary and benefits. Oh, and he held a free pasta dinner the weekend before the election, "to celebrate democracy" and/or buy your vote with a dish of free pasta. Duff's win over Chiaramonte should have been by a much larger margin.

Agreed, I like Bob Duff as a person. But cant see that he acomplishes much for us beyond being visible. Then again well liked politicians dont do much beyond talking and truly active ones, who can & do make a difference, usually make enemies along the way. The world isnt a warm fuzzy place & we need representation that does more than smile and wave.

Clinton 2016

Chiaramonte is a slime ball- the robocalls were just the final straw for a rude and arrogant man. I tried to look it up- and would've happily posted it so that everyone else can do to him what he does to us- irritate us. Perhaps his overwhelming defeat despite his gutter politics will lead him in another direction.--GO AWAY JACK-- PLEASE you are doing a disservice to this community.

Great wins -- and so satisfying for Norwalk's voters to elect Duff and defeat Chiaramonte, rejecting Chiaramonte's gutter - politics leaflets that were mailed to our home in the closing days of the campaign. Question is how can a man who rejects reason and honest debate remain chair of Norwalk's Board of Education?
- Kay

>> Question is how can a man who rejects reason and honest
debate remain chair of Norwalk's Board of Education?

Uhmmm.... Perhaps because he fits in so well with the rest of the Board?

I usually voe Republican but that guy running against Duff ran the worst campain ever. Direct mail with nothing but Duff bashing and nothing on what he would do. You are right faba, perfect for the Board of Ed!

Very True he should really do the right thing and step down..