Norwalk Dems Support Andres Ayala For State Senate

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Andres Ayala (center), who seeks to become Connecticut's first-ever Latino state senator, spoke Saturday at a Democratic rally in South Norwalk. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
U.S. Rep. Jim Himes spoke Saturday in support of Ayala's candidacy in South Norwalk. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
Heidi Godleski, a Norwalk teacher, comes from a long line of Democratic supporters and backs Andres Ayala. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Democrats rallied Saturday morning in support of Andres Ayala, the state representative from Bridgeport who is seeking to become the first Latino state senator from Connecticut.

Ayala is running for state senate in Connecicut's 23rd District, which comprises the Bridgeport area, including parts of Stratford. He will not be on the Norwalk ballot.

Latino city council members from Norwalk, Stamford and Bridgeport attended the event along with U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, Hartford mayor Pedro Segarra and Norwalk councilman Warren Pena, who spoke in support of Ayala.

“Ayala will make history when he becomes the first Latino senator from Connecticut,” Himes said. He implored Ayala to work on issues that impact the Latino community, including immigration. Himes lauded the Latino community for its support of family issues, noting, "The Latino community understands the importance of family and helps each other out, unlike the Republicans under the Ryan plan, which says you’re on your own.” 

Ayala spoke to the audience in Spanish and English.

"Buenos dias," he said, "We represent the people who don't have a voice and need the government to step up to insure the call." He said he would support the homeless and people who work paycheck to paycheck. "The future of our country rests on this election and I'm ready to do it," he said.

Pena said that the population of Norwalk is 25 percent Latino. “There are 22,000 Latino residents – 5,000 registered voters, 1,800 Democrats and 750 Republicans; 2,700 are unaffiliated, and we have to make sure they vote Democratic this year,” he said. “We need to do everything we can to get out the vote.”

Heidi Godleski, a Norwalk Democrat who taught Spanish in Norwalk public schools and currently teaches adult education, said Ayala “has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and dedication and he’s open to doing a lot of hard work. The time has come for Latinos to enter politics and make things better for the people.”

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Comments (7)


Good morning..I read Tim T's comment and I just had to register.

To counter what you said Tim T. I usually come on the daily voice just to read the news and I usually see you rambling But what you said about the republicans is just complete nonsense and every typical democratics blame Bush and to praise Obama for "trying" to fix Bushes faults, when in fact the deficit has actually doubled since Obama came into office.

I am neither Republican or Democrat and am looking at both Obama and Romney, but Romney is looking a little better, more truthful and honest.
Can you really trust a President who is so open in lying to the people? Look at the attack over in Libya and the cover up? Look at what he did to Isreal....a President who would rather be on talkshows and play golf than to speak to a Prime Minister who is desperatly worried about his own county, but is giving billions of dollars to anti-American countries that want to kill each and every Christian and Jew..where is the foreign policy?

The polls dont even mean anything and some of those are totally biased. They go up and down every day by who knows where those numbers come from.

*sigh...just my 2 cents.
I respect you Tim as a person and I aplogize if I have offended your political beliefs...I just needed to get that off my chest..thanks.

Tim T:

I say vote for any non-Republican..The reason is simple look what the mess we are in all because of the 8 years of he village idiot war criminal Bush.
Luckily Obama is slowly fixing the disaster he inherited, as we all know it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it..Also the filthy Republicans are only out for big business on the backs of the middle class.
I guess most intelligent people realize this as the poll numbers show Obama wining by a landslide.


This is the issue with this small group of partisan politicians. They don't say vote for this man because he is intelligent, honest, or anything. They say vote for him because he is Hispanic. This is as racist as anyone saying don't vote for him because he is hispanic. Shame on you all, especially Jim Himes. Why on earth are they bringing someone from Bridgeport to Norwalk for a rally? Does he even have an opponent?


They are saying voter for him because of what he says he will do, not because he is hispanic, but because he understands the needs of the people. Shame on you for twisting his message. With a big percentage of our population being hispanic it is time to elect someone who can understand their issues.


The lead in the story clearly says " who is seeking to become the first Latino state senator from Connecticut. " Following that Mr. Ayala says, "We represent the people who don't have a voice and need the government to step up to insure the call." Uh, it sure sounds like he is implying that the previously elected Democratic officials did not represent Hispanics in Washington and that Hispanics have NO voice in Washington.

I beg to differ. There is a Hispanic Caucus in D.C., one that has been there for over 30 years.

The point is that Mr. Ayala, who has the perfect right to run, wants to be the first Hispanic Congressman from Connecticut.

Tim T:

I love it when morons quote wikipedia as that is a last ditch effort in a lame attempt to give an insane post creditability.

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