Murphy Vows To Help Domestic Violence Victims

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During an event in Stamford, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy outlines his plans for helping domestic violence victims if he is elected to the U.S. Senate.
During an event in Stamford, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy outlines his plans for helping domestic violence victims if he is elected to the U.S. Senate. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

STAMFORD, Conn. — One goal for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy would be to help victims of domestic violence get the help they need if he is elected to the U.S. Senate this November, he said in a speech Friday in Stamford.

“It is not an easy thing to do. It’s a heroic act,” Murphy, D-5th District, said of victims who come forward and seek help. He spoke to about 40 people at the Domestic Violence Crisis Center in Stamford.

Murphy is running against Linda McMahon, a Republican, for the seat occupied by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who is retiring at the end of his term.

Murphy suggested setting up programs for prosecutors and judges around the country to learn more about domestic violence and how to deal with victims when they are in court.

He also said he would back programs to help victims find jobs and get training. Reforming health care to lower insurance costs for women, which can be as much as 60 percent more than men, would be another part of his plan, Murphy said.

Murphy said he has been a supporter of the Violence Against Women Act and wants to maintain the rights of victims who are gay or lesbian, undocumented immigrants, Native Americans and others who some Republicans wanted to leave out of the most recent version of the act.

“Everyone in this country should be protected by law,” he said, adding that it should not be a bipartisan issue.

He was introduced to domestic violence by his mother, who volunteered at a local shelter when he was growing up, Murphy said. 

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Comments (19)

Tim T, you should know that these productive, rich Republicans are paying for the food stamps you've been receiving. Next time stop and think before you call Republicans evil. Go out and get a job, you loser. I'll even hire you to cut my lawn. Loser.

Great Chris, and who's going to pay for all this? Are you going after the beaters, or just - again - take the money out of the pockets of the law-abiding taxpayers of Connecticut?

How about designing a program that will pay for itself? Oh, yeah, that's right, the Dems only know how to take from the productive people, not how to generate the funds from their own work or effort.

Just read some of the posts from the Republcans.This just shows how lost and evil these right wing wackos truly are.
Also Linda is nothing but a circus freak that should stick to what she knows as in running a company filled with freaks. Also let us not forget that Linda is the same one that said a year ago that she wants to do away with social security..I guess she could careless if our seniors starve or freeze to death.

Dear Tim

Any society that has foresaken it's elderly or it's very young has been wiped off the face of this Good Earth.

History is lessons learned, unless one ignores the lesson and tries to change the outcome, I think Einstein called that insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different outcome.


Domestic violence increases during bad economic times. Solve the root of the problem. Get the economy growing again. More jobs, more growth, more optimism equals less violence.

Well said, Norwalk Lifer.
These are issues that we should demand answers for during the debate season and directly from the candidates....
Why are they so silent when it comes to men getting medicare benefits for erection medicine?????? If I see one more pair of post coitus bathtubs on tv I'll join a nunnery!

Dear Envirogal08:

Thank you for your kind words, being old enough to have grown up on Brill creme commercials and sighting Burma Shave signs along the side of the road, I, too, find those ED commercials, well, not the best that Madison Avenue has produced, however, I do think we live in a society that idolizes youth in every possible facet of life, so indeed, I am not surprised.

I do look forward to the day when Botox is more prevalently advertised, :)

Errectile medication is the lazy man's substitute for yoga; yoga, practiced correctly, will achieve the very same result, without the three hour warning.

My apologies if this post is somewhat risque, however, the subject matter just begs for the double entrende!


Why does he think domestic violence is a federal issue? Is this not best handled by local (state, town) ordinances?

I would prefer to see the federal government focus on issues enumerated in the Constitution.

Simple really.

It becomes a Federal issue when there are Federal dollars involved in the form of grants, subsidy loans or the acceptance of Federal food stuffs. Many of the DV shelters receive Federal funding. It also becomes a Federal issue when there are cases of custody that cross state lines.

Like you, I would also like to see this remain a State issue rather than a Federal one.

Why is this guy talking about domestic violence when we have $16T debt, years of 8+% unemployment, high gas prices, nuclear Iran, threat of terrorism, murder of US ambassador followed by government cover-up worse than watergate? What's next to talk about? Free contraception for women? How about free med for foot fungus?

Dear jrey:

I'll appeal to your sensibilities:
With regards to the costs associated with domestic violence:,

the average is 1200 higher than other patients for the first two years, and 400 higher for every year thereafter, up to 10 years.

On the cost of oil prices, you must have missed this news:

On the threat of terrorism, I agree with you:

This is a form of domestic terrorism, against our democratic process, and I would be fine with this man being tried for treason

On the Libyan situation, what coverup do you speak of? the fact that some criminally insane people stormed an embassy, killed one of our most capable ambassadors, and the blow back is, the Libyan people themselves routed out some of the extremist themselves and jailed them?

Nuclear Iran, yes, I know all about the saber rattling, you are speaking of the latest antics of the Israeli Prime Minister to upset the voting process here in the US? do you know recall the uprising in North Korean during the 2004 election?

Free contraception? and what is wrong with that? I pay gladly taxes to maintain the roads to Norwalk Hospital so a heart attack victim can get immediate treatment without delay. Why is contraception such a main sticking point for the GOP? could it be that one buys into the "myth" that contraception promotes promiscuity? I would argue that prostitution promotes promiscuity and potential disease among men.

I see no one deriding prostitution on the GOP side, but certainly, since the times of the Pilgrims, any panacea to assauge the female condition was considered "evil". Why? why were those midwives in Salem Mass burned at the stake as witches? because they defied the word of the Lord, as he admonished Eve as she exited the Garden of Eden "Thou shalt be forth your offspring in pain and blood as punishment"?

Really? do you really believe the cost of contraception is hurting you financially? how about we get rid of all the welfare for oil companies? how about we reconsider the captial gains tax table? how about stopping our aid to other countries? all of them? I mean all defense aid, everything stops, until we pay down our national debt of 16T to the note holders, Japan, China, and the Middle East?

How about that for a few postive ideas?

And in the meantime, I'll help victims of domestic violence, because the truth is, until we come to an equitable ideal that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in a civilized state, we are still in the days of Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch trials.

And I, for one, will stand for this



Just a few points:

"I see no one deriding prostitution on the GOP side,...."

Really???? I do. It usually involves resignations.

Oh yeah, and this article turned up, also....

"but certainly, since the times of the Pilgrims, any panacea to assauge the female condition was considered "evil". Why? why were those midwives in Salem Mass burned at the stake as witches? ...."

There were 19 recorded people who were accused of witchcraft in Salem. Of those 19 people, 5 were men and one was a pastor of the church. All 19 died.

I would also like to point out that DV is not limited to female victims.

There are theories as to what happened in Salem. My personal conviction is that there was a serious outbreak of ergot of rye poisoning.

"I'll help victims of domestic violence, because the truth is, until we come to an equitable ideal that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in a civilized state..."

I'm glad to hear that you will help DV victims because I steer clear of them.

My personal experience with DVVs is that they tend to become violent and accusatory very quickly. During a seminar a number of years ago, the group I was facilitating concluded with the Lord's Prayer, which is also commonly done in a number of other settings. As I was leaving the room, a woman came up, got in my face and proceeded to scream at me that there was a "survivor of domestic violence" in the room and how dare I mention "Our Father". I along with several others who witnessed the incident, were convinced she was only a second or two away from hitting me. The reason she didn't was because my young son ran down the hall at that moment. She later attempted to confront me again in the parking lot as we were leaving, but several other people intervened.

There was also another incident a few years ago when I was asked about the outcome of something to do with DV. When I replied I didn't know, the person became very angry to the point of physical assault. Once again, others intervened.

Why is contraception such a main sticking point for the GOP? could it be that one buys into the "myth" that contraception promotes promiscuity?

I can't answer for the entire GOP, but I know that several of my Republican friends have deeply held convictions about sexual immorality based on our faith. There are implications. Here's one article that's a starting point.

Dear Paige:

On the subject of domestic violence, those that intervene are usually trained; there is a lot of anger management to be achieved, I have not only helped, I understand why people tend to lash out after such episodes; imagine the closest person in your life, the one person you let your guard down with completely, suddenly using every achilles heel to harm you; it wouldn't be hard to understand why unfamiliar encounters could trigger a defensive act.

On the subject of contraception; Contraception is as old as the pyramids, so there's no reason to suddenly notice this women's aid as a contribution to promiscuity. That's a complete fallacy.

I invite you to read up on some of the contraception techniques throughout the ages, everything from alligator dung to Humphrey's 11, still available to this day.

On the subject of the Salem witch trials, indeed it was midwives who were burned at the stake, that was consider anti christian, and an abomination.

to me, we have left those days behind, let's not, all of us, slip down that slope and return to them.

I would also argue that I've never been one to satisfy my curiousity thru group think, especially when it comes in the form of an eccumenical argument.


Dear NL:

I believe that you were the one that brought up the issues of contraception and prostitution in your post. I merely responded to your statements. And yes, I have a moderately broad knowledge of early and folk medicine.

As for your implication regarding "group think" because I mentioned my personal faith, I find it rather interesting, since I mentioned that I could not speak for the GOP, but said that my faith had something to do with my views on prostitution and contraception. I also have personal reasons for my viewpoint, which I choose not to air on this board.

"it wouldn't be hard to understand why unfamiliar encounters could trigger a defensive act." If someone is that unstable due to their experiences with DV, then maybe they don't belong out with the general public. Both times, the person aggressively approached and threatened me. I didn't not seek them out, nor did I say anything controversial.

Dear Paige:

I never implicate, I clearly state that group think is dangerous, your personal faith is exactly that; personal, and in my view, it has no reasonable discourse in the public arena.

Now, there are many institutitions that try to help individuals who have encountered unbelievable diress in their personal lives, that's to be applauded, but I, and this is my personal belief, that the fostering of an individual's own perspective on a situation where the public welfare is at stake, does not hold and keep with the ideals of E Pluribus Unum, of the many, one.

And with regards to your comment about the speculative idea of restricting an individual, through no fault of their own, from the public arena, well, that's just another quick and unreliable answer to the eventual question:

Who does belong in the general public? for me, that's simple

E Pluribus Unum


Thanks for clarifying your position.

I'm sorry you feel that my faith is part of "group think". But since I don't want to be part of "group think", I'll tell you what I'll do. If and when I encounter another DV victim, I'll treat them like I would anyone other person, which is what I did in the first place.

In my first encounter with the DVV, I was assured, "It wouldn't happen again." Shortly after that - during the second encounter in parking lot, I wanted to call the police, but was asked not to by those present. Using your standards of "group think", I made an error since I based my subsequent decision on my faith's teachings of compassion and forgiveness. When the third episode occurred, I was once again asked not to call the police, and again, I acquiesced. Clearly my mistake. Instead, I chose to avoid all contact with any kind of DV program, participant or anything to do with DV.

So, if it ever happens again, I'll remember your comments, simply call the police and press whatever charges to the fullest extent of the law. Then the police can handle it just like they would any other person disturbing the peace and threatening someone.

You're right. It's much clearer and easier when I remove my "group think" filter of mercy, forgiveness, or compassion.

Dear Paige:

As you wish, I will continue to campaign for support for those who have suffered domestic violence.


Talk about a right wing wacko..My question is does the Republican party have anyone left that is not insane or have alzheimer's