McMahon's Choice Of McCain Slammed By Murphy Reps

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Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon speaks Monday at the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center.
Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon speaks Monday at the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. — A need to support jobs in Connecticut was part of Republican senate candidate Linda McMahon's speech Monday in Norwalk. Campaign representatives for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy agreed on the importance of jobs but attacked her choice of a Republican senator to endorse her.

Standing before up to 300 people at the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center with U.S. Sen. John McCain, McMahon slammed Murphy on jobs. "He's voted twice over this past year to not fund the defense appropriations. That means we could lose jobs here in our state, we could lose jobs at Electric Boat. We cannot have that. I will absolutely fight to keep every defense job we have in our state."

Murphy campaign spokesman Ben Marter, in an email, fought back. "It's surprising that Linda McMahon would campaign on Connecticut defense jobs with the Republican senator who tried to shut down Electric Boat and destroy the local economy. The truth is that Chris Murphy voted against the defense sequestration bill that Sen. McCain supported and is fighting to save local defense jobs that are being held hostage by the right-wing Republicans Linda McMahon is running for the Senate to support."

Murphy claims McMahon would jeopardize defense dollars coming to Connecticut by swelling the deficit, according to The Associated Press. Murphy opposed the bills because they supported an open-ended timeline for troops to stay in Afghanistan.

The Washington Post estimates that the cost of staying in Afghanistan is $2.05 billion a week. The cost of a new Virginia-class fast-attack submarine is about $2.3 billion, says.

McMahon also attacked Murphy for supporting Obamacare. "I will not support any budget that will reduce funding for Medicare or Social Security," she said. "Murphy has already voted to take 716 billion out of Medicare to pay for the all the programs in the health care act. I will not support that budget."

Murphy campaign spokesman Eli Zupnick said, "Considering Linda McMahon's extreme policies to end Social Security and privatize Medicare, it's no surprise that she's decided to campaign with someone who thinks it's just a matter of time until Congress privatizes Social Security.

"Linda McMahon has made it clear that she will vote in line with far-right Republicans to end Social Security and privatize Medicare, deny Connecticut women coverage for birth control, and cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires like herself. Connecticut voters rejected her radical positions two years ago, and campaign stops with Washington Republicans won't help her case."

The campaign had no reply for another McMahon charge. "I have a plan that will reduce taxes on the middle class, Congressman Murphy has voted to raise taxes on the middle class three times," she said. "Now he's talking about how he's going to reduce taxes on the middle class. I can't figure it out."

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Comments (6)

Ken P...."the same old liberal democratic representation that put us where we are"?

Are you serious? Unfortunately I think you are.

Independent agencies and audits have proven that 86% of our current deficit has been caused by two unfunded wars and the Bush-era tax cuts. If you want to hang anything on those "liberal democrats" it's that they extended those tax cuts for the job creators who turned right around and didn't create any jobs.

Those "liberal democrats" are the only ones trying to pull this country out of the hole we're in. The republicans are the ones trying to make the hole bigger.

I belive her story about being a successful businesswoman, if you don't count a bankruptcy. I believe she never spends a nickel without a pretty clear idea how she will personally profit. After all, that is how she got so succesful, isn't it ?

She is far from just a "comedy act". She has the money to buy a lot of influence and is obviously willing to spend, or invest, when she expects a good return on investment.

Say what you will, we need something different than the same old liberal democratic representation that put us where we are. I like Linda and feel that she just doing what she needs to to make it in the circus we all politics these days. Murphy and Shays both held congressional seats making money off of us while driving us into the hole we find ourselves in. If you like the way things are, piss poor economy, no jobs, high taxes with o end in sight, by all means vote for an incumbent or a democrat. If you want your kids to collect a paycheck instead of a welfare check then let's get together and boot the democrats out of DC and out of Hartford.

The duality of McCain's nature really shows here doesn't it? first he slammed GW's torture rationalization, and then he was for those policies.

He was intent on winning the presidency in 2008, but let his handlers convince him Palin would energize his campaign.

He ignored the warning signs on the economy and then wanted to suspend the campaign to rush back to Washington to save the economy.

He cited many differences between himself and this president, let his running mate call this president "one who pals around with terrorists" and then defeat came.

Defeat came when that older lady stated that Obama was an "Arab", McCain knew he was finished then.

You could see it in his face, shame and resignation.

I fail to see how McCain will help Linda McMahon's campaign, except to say, they both have "MC" as part of their last names.

I fear the GOP has used their political capital; you cannot ride the edge of cliff like they have been doing without falling off.

I don't see McMahon as a moderate Republican, she is a corporatist; industrialists are fine, they do good work, Carnegie, Mellon, Gates, and others.

But corporatists do not, they are unapologetic about being all about the almighty dollar. You cannot sustain existence in this way.

I am not impressed with Linda McMahon, and I am also concerned that a man like McCain really didn't learn his lesson from the Keating Five days.

Those were the first indications that our financial institutions in the recent past were unable to control themselves, then came Silverado, and of course, even today, JPMorgan is still paying the price for their misconduct.

You cannot assume that financial institutions are "too big to fail" and more importantly, they are "too big to jail".

I've yet to see someone else other than a Bernard Madoff, make it to prison.


Wait a minute....I thought Linda HATED those "career politicians".

The fact that she's more than willing to spend almost $100 million of her own money in order to become one kind of raises a few questions, eh?

Maybe it should.

This current crop of republicans are a disgrace to the political process. If Wm F Buckley wasn't dead already, he'd sure wish he was with this bunch. Mainstream (and responsible) republicans need to take their party back from these self-aggrandizing clowns.