Magazine Names U.S. Sen. Blumenthal 'Most Liberal'

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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal shared the No. 1 spot on the list of "Most Liberal Senators" after his second year in Washington, according to the National Journal.
Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal shared the No. 1 spot on the list of "Most Liberal Senators" after his second year in Washington, according to the National Journal. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Connecticut U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal topped the list of the “Most Liberal Senators” in 2012, according to the National Journal.

The magazine ranked each member of Congress based on votes from 2012 that split on ideological lines. The editors assigned a “percentile score” to each member of the House and the Senate which identified how often each member took a liberal or conservative position.

Blumenthal and Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico were tied at No. 1, with a percentile score of 90.1. That means Blumenthal and Udall took what the National Review identified as the liberal position on 90 percent of votes.

Former Connecticut U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman did not finish in the magazine’s top 15. None of Connecticut’s five members of the House of Representatives appeared on the top 25 for that body either. See more of the rankings at the National Journal’s website.

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Comments (21)

Of course Blumenthal is a liberal. He has so much money he can afford to be. What everyone today doesn't seem to care about is the debt our children and grandchildren will have to live with. With the debt this administration is building up it will be disaster. I am sure Blumenthal is setting up trusts to cover his family, thats OK, it will keep them in the top 1%.

It's just so heartwarming to see that Sen. Blumenthal has been able to pull his life together after suffering all that post combat stress serving with the Marines in Vietnam.

Oh, wait a minute.

"Most liberal" is not a very meaningful designation since many people are liberal on social issues but conservative on fiscal issues. I would be more interested in a ranking of "Most fiscally responsible".

How can you pick on a Vietnam combat veteran like that? What's that you say? He lied about that, repeatedly, when, in actuality, he spent a few months in the reserves, and never left the Country? Never mind.

But not as bad as Bush lying to congress about the reasons to start 2 war that got thousands of our military killed for no reason


So it was a lie that Al Qaeda and OBL were based in, had co-opted the government of and had launched 9/11 from Afghanistan?

It was a lie that Saddam H. and the Iraqi regime had consistently violated the terms of the cease-fire agreement which halted hostilities of the Gulf War, including no-fly zones, inspection of armament and nuclear facilities? They gave every indication that they were actively pursuing WMD. After 9/11 the West had little choice but to assume they were. It was a game of liar's poker that Saddam lost. The resumption of the Gulf War was his fault.

I do not disagree with the fact that these wars were a horrible waste of life and treasure, and were based on lies (WMD etc.) Bush, I believe, was less than bright, and easily duped into these wars by Neocon influence on behalf of Israel. Blumenthal is just a bald-faced liar.

Obama just bypasses congress when he goes to war!

But Obama did close Guantanamo, oh no, that's right he only said he was going to and then didn't.

Much like he said he would balance the budget in his first four years, and that if he spent $2.3 trillion in "stimulus" on "shovel ready jobs" that unemployment would be under 7% and that he wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class, and that he won't waterboard anyone, but he will kill them with a drone and that etc. etc. etc.

Obama is a liar, everyone knows its true. People do not care.

A little help to refresh the memory of the right wingers about the village idiot Republican Bush and what Obama inherited and fixed.
I know they will not understand this as they are brainwashed puppets.

Maybe you forgot that we were days away from a depression when Obama took office.

Maybe you forgot about the 2 wars started on lies by the Republican Bush.

Maybe you forgot about an out of control health insurances system.

Maybe you forgot about the auto industry going under.

Maybe you forgot about almost daily Elevated terrorist warning that were all B/S to make people think the village idiot Bush was actually doing something about terrorism.

Maybe you forgot that Obama got Bin Laden

Maybe you forgot about 911 under Bush's watch.

Maybe you forgot about daily closing of banks.

Maybe you forgot abut the largest investment firms going under.

Shall I continue???

First I'm not a "right winger" but to reply to your list of accomplishments:

1) We are on the verge of an economic collapse just like Greece but let's keep printing and spending money we don't have

2) We are still in those wars and Obama expanded one, we have troops in Africa and let's not forget about the big Libyan success. I gather you believe the Taliban weren't in Afghanistan and they didn't attack the WTC?

3) The best health care system in the world you mean that one? The one that people travel here to be treated under? The one that costs since Obama passed his plan have skyrocketed to largest % growths ever? Is that the one?

4) Auto Industry - is that the same bailout that will cost taxpayers near $35 billion plus in losses - is that the one?

5) You mean the largest expansion ever of DHS including the power to search your computer and belongings w/o warrant up to 100 miles from the border - you mean that Obama DHS?

6) You mean they got bin laden with the information gathered under the Bush administration

7) 911 correct - but lets not forget Benghazi

8) You mean the ones Obama closed and the others he chose to bailout with taxpayer dollars?

9) You mean the ones that ripped off consumers by telling them to sell all the while they are buying? The ones that created the financial mess with the help of banking rules passed in the Clinton Administration - call Barney Frank for the details.

I'd continue but you are so far in denial there would be little in doing so. Keep believing and may the impact of your vote be felt directly within your home and family.

Let's also not forget that 9/11 was conceived and planned during the CLINTON administration and flew under the radar of intelligence services that Clinton had gutted in the belief that they were less important in a post-cold-war world. Intelligence networks that get downsized take many years to rebuild. Bush had no viable source for the information he would have needed to forecast 9/11. It didn't matter WHO followed Clinton into office - 9/11 was a done deal.

Let's see, it happened on 9/11, it was a terrorist attack, Americans died - oh you are right, nothing in common... The one major difference is the president didn't sleep through the first one. Again, trying to shame people and imply they have no morals - that is the typical response from the left and it is getting old.

Good job DavidA - don't back down, the facts are on your side. Even though these people will never see through the progressive fog they live in, it's nice to have someone respond intelligently none-the-less.

Well, he is definately immoral & arrogant enough for the title.

Only an idiot would state that Obama "fixed" anything. An idiot who forgot that Obama was in Congress when Bush was President and is as much to blame as anybody else for what he inherited. What did he fix? We are more in debt now than ever before, almost twice as deep in debt as Bush left us, joblessness is still a huge issue, our economy still sucks, we are still in Afghanistan and left Iraq under Bush's timetable. Nah, Obama is a sign of just how dumb many American voters are.

We have this conservative nut job saying that when Obama was a congressman he was to blame for the near depression instead of the president as in Bush.
Boy talk about delusional.

This is a GREAT compliment. We need more liberals to fix the mess and the wars that the conservative right winger cause.
Let us not forget about the near depression that the village idiot Bush caused. President Obama inhered this on his first day in office and has fixed most of the Republican Bush's disasters in 4 short years. Only a fool would disagree with this fact..

You really have swallowed every last drop of that liberal Kool Aid, haven't you Tim?

You clearly know nothing at all about economic theory or what caused the 2008 crash. The foundation for the problem was laid during the Carter administration when feel-good rules were passed requiring mortgage lenders to make loans to people who were poor credit risks. Over time the lending community learned how to offload those risks onto others by bundling and securitizing them.

The whole thing took many years to really blow up, but the cause is directly traceable to those policies. If the banks had been permitted to keep their existing lending standards, none of it would have happened.

As if this should come as a surprise to anyone. You get what you vote for and this is what we get, that and no job growth and a booming deficit.