Joe Biden To Speak At Danbury Gun Violence Conference

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Vice President Joe Biden will be in Danbury on Thursday.
Vice President Joe Biden will be in Danbury on Thursday. Photo Credit: Flickr user richiec

DANBURY, Conn. – Vice President Joe Biden will be the keynote speaker Feb. 21 at a gun violence conference at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, according to The Hartford Courant. 

U.S. Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal as well as U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty will host the invitation-only event at 9:30 a.m. in the Ballroom of the Westside Campus Center on WestConn’s Westside campus. 

Check back with The Daily Voice for more updates about Biden’s visit to Danbury.

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Comments (20)

There goes the Nancy Lanza Rifle Association again.

Biden once said in 2007 that Obama was an articulate, clean black man. I believe he meant it as a compliment.

Its not uncommon for liberal minded people to just up & ignore or try to marginalize those who present facts that differ from their fantasies. There are definately spammers on here, but I'm not sure Steve is one.

Looks like he adresses the topic at hand with his comments & provides links to support his position.

When we have clowns calling themselves "Norwalk truth" and "Right wing are whackos" it seems silly to cry foul over a poster who disagrees with you but provides links supporting his position. Most liberal mantra is made up of talking points & lies at best. Nothing that the Vice President brings to Danbury can change the FACT that guns in our hands do more good BY FAR than the crime commited by those who are mostly already forbidden from owning or even handling them. Nothing he or Malloy brings to the table will make anybody safer or reduce violence. They know it & thats why they are surrounded by armed people every day everyplace.

The sad but very real reality is we are being lied to by them every time they open their mouths regarding guns and most other things. In my view Neither Biden nor Obama belong where they are. Neither is capable of acting in the best interest of the nation, but rather they ONLY focus on what a small vocal chunk of America wants publicly. They have no horse in the race because they are above all that, so they tell the lemmings what the lemmings want to hear & shout down the free thinking people who value freedom, equality & the Bill or Rights. Our RKBA is just as clearly protected & sacred to our liberty as is Bidens right to spew marxist theology in Danbury.

To The Moderator
This Pony Tail steve aka Mrs Nelson poster has filled the whole site with spam today and you seem to be doing nothing about it..This site will soon become just like Topix if you don't stat controlling this trolls. I and many others are just days away from writing of the Daily off as just another site for the trolls.

Of course he'll be there, thats about all liberal politicians do is cut ribbons & promote whatever it is theyre shoving down the peoples throat at the moment. Its like theyre still campaigning instead of serving.

This is the best video of all:

Caught on Camera: Joe Biden admits gun control will not stop mass shootings or save lives.

He has to make the sheeple feel good, and is going to just walk out and LIE LIE LIE. People will clap. People will feel good too. Maybe, JUST MAYBE a picture????
Oh the joy

Are Biden's peers Mickey Mouse and Goofy also speaking?? I hope it's due to a lot of drugs and that the poor guy wasn't born that stupid....

I find smoking enough medicinal marijuana provided by Obamacare really helps when Biden is speaking...
Helps tune him out a bit, and is great for laughing!!

Why are all of these events invitation-only? Are they trying to make sure that only people who agree with them are there? Are they afraid of the hard questions? It's certainly easy to prove you're right if you never have to defend your point of view to people who disagree with you.

Like FOX news, they have more democrats on in a week than CNN has ALL YEAR

Is there a reason the daily is allowing ponytailSteve to troll and spam every article on this site

Commenting about an article is trolling? Or is what you just posted trolling?

I DO notice that whenever I post, suddenly a bunch of replies against everything I post. We are even betting now in the office to see what user name you will use.

THATS trolling dude. You are the TROLL KING


He's no BFD.

Should be good for a couple of laughs.

I love how Biden messes up about everything he says. Like Bush used to when he spoke. Bush was a leader, even though he was dumb.

Thats a good link to some funny Biden moments.

4. "Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me." --Joe Biden, speaking at a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, Sept. 10, 2008

3. "Look, John's last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs." --Joe Biden, Athens, Ohio, Oct. 15, 2008

I think you made a mistake in reading this article. As the person you describe is the village idiot Republican war criminal bush

How about you reply with another username and agree with yourself?

Biden is the biggest joke America has seen in some time!
I would not buy a used car from this shyster. Obama is destroying America, and if Biden ever took over we would be a laughing stock of the world.
I love the video on youtube when Biden says gun control will do nothing.
He is a TOOL