Fairfield Rep. Kim Fawcett Pushes For Funding For Norwalk Train Bridge

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State Rep. Kim Fawcett of Fairfield is urging lawmakers to pass legislation to provide funding to replace the Walk train bridge in Norwalk.
State Rep. Kim Fawcett of Fairfield is urging lawmakers to pass legislation to provide funding to replace the Walk train bridge in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Contributed

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- State Rep. Kim Fawcett (D-Fairfield) has joined other legislative leaders in an effort to expedite the process for approving urgently needed federal funds to replace the 106-year-old Walk bridge in Norwalk, which caused two recent Metro-North Railroad shutdowns. 

"Both recent failures occurred when scheduled off-peak maintenance and replacement of timbers, rails and rollers within the bridge's infrastructure caused the bridge to get stuck in the open position. It could not be lowered in time for rush-hour commuters," Fawcett said in a statement. "Full replacement of the bridge will happen; the question before us is timing and funding sources.”

The state Department of Transportation already has a funding plan in place that would allow replacement of the bridge to begin in 2017, but it would would take about five years to complete and fund with state bonds.

A more recent application has been filed for an emergency grant from the USDOT Hurricane Sandy Infrastructure Fund. If the state receives the funding, design work would begin immediately and allow for the entire project to be constructed in about three years.

The Norwalk walk bridge was originally constructed in 1898 and has past its useful lifespan. The bridge now opens about one time daily, only during off-peak hours, to allow for commercial maritime traffic to travel the riverway. A crew of nearly 30 is needed for the labor-intensive process.

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Comments (9)

she seems to at least care enough to go out and do something,doubt if she passed Duff along the way he did help create this mess after all.

hmmm...Kim seems to always show up late to the party. But of course its an election year. Isn't she part of the one-party rule in Hartford that could have funded a new bridge years ago, instead she helped Malloy steal funds from the special transportation fund

Democrats? Stealing? That is so wrong, I mean look at Detroit. Run by democrats since 63.
Not like they stole $$ to line their pockets and ruin the city.
Sort of like a person ruining a website

Actually it was the Republicans in Washington that did not allow for the replacement of the bridge years ago. See they kept redirecting money that was earmarked for mass transit to tax breaks for big oil.. All the while as big oil was making record profits.

You make a very good point Jim..I agree

RIGHT !!!!!! also she might campaign for Driveway Safety !!!

So glad Rep Fawcett finally realized there was a 118 year old bridge needing replacement. Where has she been on this issue for all her years in Hartford serving on the Transportation Appropriations Committee????