On Facebook: Norwalkers Sound Off On Possible Tax Hike

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Readers on Facebook sounded off Wednesday on Norwalk's possible property tax increase for next year.
Readers on Facebook sounded off Wednesday on Norwalk's possible property tax increase for next year. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Facing the possibility of a 3.9 percent increase in their property taxes next year, several Norwalk residents came out against it Wednesday on Facebook.

The Norwalk Daily Voice asked readers whether the possibility of the tax hike concerned them, and, while at least one respondent backed an even higher increase if the extra money paid for specific items, the rest were against the move.

“Of course this increase concerns me,” wrote Maureen Milano DeNunzio. “When they drop the unemployment rate to below 5 percent then we can talk about raising taxes.”

Joyce Quinlan did not mince words. “Why? For what? It takes them two days to plow us out. We have pot holes all over our road, go to another town. We are not getting a pay increase to pay for increase property tax.”

The proposed tax increase would add about $250 to the current average property tax bill of $6,338, according to Finance Director Tom Hamilton, who is recommending the increase to pay for the city’s proposal to spend $311.3 million to run Norwalk next year.

The recommended spending plan can be seen by clicking here, and the recommended tax rates are here.

The proposed spending amount is far from finalized, however. Over the next several weeks, various city boards, departments and Common Council committees will hold a series of meetings on the proposed budget. The schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

“When we are GIVING away taxable property & expanding taxpayer funded housing and programs – while services FOR taxpayers are reduced – YES it concerns me,” wrote Ken Prince Jr. “We are already over taxed in this city and state. I don’t care what needs to be cut, or cut back, but its long past time our elected leaders stopped sucking us dry and started acting financially responsible. If there’s not enough money, SPEND LESS.”

Debby Goldstein Todd disagreed, and urged the city to increase taxes a bit more.

“No - I think they should double the increase from $250 to $500!” wrote Todd. “That would give the City an extra $30 MILLION...gosh, if they gave another $10 million to the school system, maybe it would help. We could get a Grant Writer back, and then the VALUE of our property would GO UP!!!”

Not so fast, wrote a woman who goes by the name River Cat. “I am truly going to have a fit if this happens. Norwalk has made my home unsellable and my street intolerable due to a change in use. If the taxes go up, the bank can have it, as far as I'm concerned.”

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Comments (7)

He is getting a what? 21% RAISE while others are getting laid off. He is raising our taxes to top it all off. Get the heck out of town pretender mayor! Get your bags and get out of Norwalk Moccia because you are DONE! 1 LESS VOTE!

Now, on top of the tax increase, we hear the mayor is getting a 21% raise at the end of the year. 21% is a big raise and the mayor expects us to believe he had nothing to do with it and it is being done by the council, acting on it's own initiative. ("I didn't vote on it"). Anybody that believes he had nothing to do with his raise, if he gets re-elected, probably should not attempt to cross the street without assistance.
If the other party lets him get away with a raise that size, in this economy, they deserve to loose the nexte election. Mayor's job was strictly part time until Irv Freeze made it full time, with a full-time, but modest, salary.

We continue to fork over an amazing amount of our tax dollars to the Board of Ed, and are never given a detailed accounting of where that money goes. We cut back on education and have administrators tripping over themselves trying to prove how necessary they are to the system. When we finally manage to get a school superintendant we promptly run them out of town if they don't kowtow to the political hierarchy.
For those of us who don't have children in the school system it is an annual slap in the face. We are told we need to continue this smoke and mirror festival to protect our property values.
Our police can't fight crime because most of them are protecting road destruction projects all over town.
Zoning goes after the little guy for nickel and dime violations while allowing unfettered development of eyesores that will probably remain vacant because nobody wants to live or work where taxes are so high.
Big development projects have to be scaled back or continue to be stalled because of one thing or another. Lots of taxpayers were displaced and had to move out of town because the city needed those properties for those "vital" projects. Big dirt lots don't generate much revenue, do they?
Clearly Norwalk needs a change. Unfortunately the republicans want more of the status quo and the democrats don't have a clue (they're too busy fighting amongst themselves and wondering why their smartest members are jumping ship).
Welcome to Norwalk, or (if it were truthfully named), "Dysfunction Junction".

You all reelected Moccia. So you all get what you deserve!

Connecticut & Fairfield county residents love to pay more & more taxes every year. You should just hand over all of your income to the government. They'll then
re-allocate a minimum income back to you. Enjoy and keep on electing greedy politicians that want to share your wealth (Obummer lover Democrats).

This is all thanks to the tax and spend Republican Moccia.

I moved out of Norwalk / CT so I could retire. Taxes are half and the living is easier.
I think the more you expect from the payers, the less you are going to recieve to give to the recievers. Check the sin tax revenues, raise the price of a bottle and fewer bottles are sold, less revenue.
In the "old" days if you wanted your child to have pre school you payed for it. Lots of folks shared the responibility of child raising by having one person take care of the children and others go to work. The more we rely on the government the less control; we have on our own lives.
Folks need to take responsibility and take care of themselves.