Norwalk Leaders Call For Action On Sandy Relief

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Congress will vote Friday on $9 billion in flood insurance for victims of Hurricane Sandy. House Speaker John Boehner had canceled a vote for the aid Tuesday, sparking outrage from leaders such as U.S. Rep. Jim Himes and Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy.

The vote on the aid package, which has already been passed by the Senate, was supposed to take place Tuesday before the 112th Congress adjourned. Speaking on the House floor Wednesday morning, Himes urged Boehner to reverse his decision. He said that he remembered the damage caused by the storm, as well as the work by charitable organizations and first responders in the aftermath. He also recalled Lt. Russell Neary of the Easton Fire Department, who died in the line of duty after Sandy hit.

“He was killed that night doing what is best about all of us, which is that we stand up and we say, ‘We will help in times of crisis,’” Himes said. “Every charitable instinct, every dignified thing that is noble about what those people did that night is denied by the decision of the Republican leadership not to bring up Sandy today and to leave desperate and vulnerable people hanging.”

Malloy sent a letter to Boehner Wednesday urging him to reconsider. He said that the decision would likely delay aid for months. “It sends a terrible message to the citizens of the affected states that the leadership of the House of Representatives feels no sense of urgency, with winter upon us, to aid fellow citizens in their great time of need as Congress has done time and time again when other natural disasters have devastated communities elsewhere in this country.”

The cancellation of the vote drew criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying that Congress will vote on the package Friday. “Getting critical aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy should be the first priority in the new Congress, and that was reaffirmed today with members of the New York and New Jersey delegations,” the statement read.

Congress will vote on an additional $51 billion in aid on Jan. 15.

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The government has to get out of the insurance business. Its time to start phasing it out. I say if you want money to rebuild, take it but the land then belongs to the state as open space and you must build somewhere outside the flood zone. The alternative is we taxpayers wind up building new homes for you every 30-60 years.
"fair and balanced" use of tax dollars

Its funny to watch how some think you can mix stories to make someone look good and critisize others who try and make these politicians and stories look bad.


Launch a new $600,000 dollar boat that will cost Norwalk itself over a free boat by Jim in the thousands yet after all the pleading the talking the proof about Norwalks gun voilence Jim stands 500 feet from Norwalks last murder and injury of a Norwalk Police officers son who was shot also and we here silence and doesn't say a word while launching the boat at Vets park..That is priceless showing Jim is a politician just like Duff short on response large on ribbon cutting and posturing.

Fire them both maybe Moccia will get the message he is next.

Himes is useless that one example shows within 500 feet of a murder and Jim comes in smiles and Norwalk takes it up the well you know again with his mindless actions.

Another prime example Jim comes in before the election stands with Duff and everyone else at Vets park and misses one of the largest saves at sea by Homeland Coast Gaurd who was out in the sound off of Norwalk saving people with the Norwalk police where those boats have proven to save people
, and yes not a word about our fine police officers and again Duff was there and his clueless posturing goes noticed as well.Not one word was said about Norwalks responders back then and why was that?

Be nice if these politicians had a clue on what goes around them you figure so close to a situation and these two get in their cars and drive off after their last performance in Norwalk where they don't accpet the publics help to be informed totally useless democrats who need to be replaced hopefully by other Democrats.

Posters on any site leaving comments usually only know what they read not realizing in Norwalk if it isn't in the news it didn't happen in Norwalk.

Heads up while every one is grandstanding Moccia lost three cruisrs this week they broke big time but why ask for federal funds when you have Jim buying pleasure boats for Norwalk and screwing the cops at the same time.

So no one knew that?

Duffs rsponse in the past is I don't run Norwalk he is right he runs from Norwalk ask Larry he knows the Demcratic party is stale.

Thanks Jim and Bob for giving us so much to reflect on maybe you will tell us soon the great things you have done give us another month we can al tell you what they missed.

Jim Norwalk needs an informed rep not a sound bite useless grant getting pal and down right shameless politician.Someone who can say he knows what goes on in his district is not Jim.

My point, SoNo, is simply that our country has suffered greatly in the past few years from storms. Some communities have been all but wiped off the map (i.e. Harveyville) but their dignity and courage was not in any affected by any act of Congress, nor should it be.

And finally, I think the reason that the vote was put off until Friday was simply that there was going to be a vote for the Republican leadership today.

“He was killed that night doing what is best about all of us, which is that we stand up and we say, ‘We will help in times of crisis,’” Himes said. “Every charitable instinct, every dignified thing that is noble about what those people did that night is denied by the decision of the Republican leadership not to bring up Sandy today and to leave desperate and vulnerable people hanging.”

Really, Mr. Himes???

The first responders and those who worked so hard during Sandy and those who have given charitably have been denied dignity because of a delay in the government vote? The people who worked so hard during Irene must be the lowest of the low because the funding for that storm damage is still being processed.

Lt. Neary died doing what he wanted to do - helping people. I'd be very careful about linking his death to a delayed Congressional funding vote. His death was a tragedy. The dignity of his life and his death should not be demeaned in any way, shape or form by a four day delay in a vote that had nothing to do directly with him.

Yes, there are vulnerable people who have been left hanging. And there were more vulnerable people left hanging after Irene, Katrina, and numerous other storms that have roared across our country, like the one that hit Harveyville, Kansas.

Quite truthfully, I don't think that dignity can be assigned or denied by government action. It is earned by the individual. Lt. Neary earned it and it is a greater insult to imply that a delay in Congress could impact his actions and his memory in any way.

Yeah Tim, hesitating to write a check when you are broke is a terrible thing, but writing them regardless, as the Democrats do with repulsive regularity, is exactly why we are broke.

Like I said
This is so typical of the filthy republicans.

someone should ask our leaders if they know what is in the bill. Ask them for a break down on where the money is to go............. Not much was allocated for Sandy

"House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, had canceled a vote for the aid Tuesday" This is so typical of the filthy republicans.