CL&P To Make Donation To Human Services Council In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. – Connecticut Light & Power will make a donation Friday to the Human Services Council in Norwalk to benefit the homeless, state Sen. Bob Duff and state Rep. Larry Cafero announced.

The amount of the donation was not disclosed, but the two state legislators called it “huge.”

CL&P is making the donation under the auspices of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority's housing tax credit contribution program. It will be used to “rehabilitate an existing building that provides supportive housing for 44 chronically homeless people.“

The legislators will accept the donation during a news conference Friday morning at the Human Services Council, 1 Park St., Norwalk.

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Comments (3)

Ah, Mr. Greenpeace! You always had such a talent for the extraneous and verbose!

Is this something CL&P have done before, or is it an attempt to buy some favor with CT's state legislators after all the public outrage about their slow storm response?

It's good that CL&P are helping the homeless, but it would be interesting to know if this is something new or something they have been doing for years.

Maybe this will bring Bob Duf back to South Norwalk and see whats going on his only presence was when family services was going to lose its contract on Water st.Now after the flooding there is no outreach or offices serving the community on Water st.

Maybe a good suggestion would be buy new couches to replace te old ones around the outside of the building on Water st where homeless sleeps.

Bob may of been a great politician at one time until Norwalk sees what Darien sees in this guy the city will continue to see what appears to be a concerned politician grabbing waht he can on the way out yes higher office is not in the cards with this man.

Wonder if Larry or Bob ever spend time understanding problems before thay thrw money at a problem and make it worse by not underdstanding what they are doing.

It was the homeless offices on Water st Bob Duff was seen right before an election years ago satnding there saving the service for South Norwalk,now that flooding has displaced the whole office whats next a new site or are we going to have it back on our street where honestly its been nothing but trouble along with the DSS office or has that been closed as well.

Thanks Cl&P guess that transformer station on Meadow st where PCBS have been found is not an issue with Bob Larry or Dick.It may be one with the people who live there and of course Village creek where PCBs have been found by State officials.

Correct our information if we are wrong Bob you seem to have an inside track on something.