Woman Rescued After Jumping Into Norwalk River

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NORWALK, Conn. -- A woman, who jumped off a bridge in Norwalk after flagging down a police officer early Friday morning, was rescued by firefighters.

The officer was traveling along Wall Street at about 4:30 a.m. when the woman flagged him down and told him that she needed an ambulance, according to Sgt Lisa Cotto. The 39-year-old woman then ran away, and while the officer was turning his cruiser around he saw her jump over the railing of the Wall Street bridge and into the Norwalk River, Cotto said.

The officer made his way to the edge of the river and saw that the woman was conscious and holding onto a rock in the water. He grabbed her, but she began struggling and broke from his grip. The current carried her to another rock, out of the officer's reach, Cotto said.

Firefighters arrived and were able to rescue the woman from the water. She did not sustain serious injuries, but she was taken to Norwalk Hospital.

Family members told police that she has a history of psychological issues, Cotto said.

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Comments (3)

What failure? She flagged down the officer,then ran away and jumped. What could the officer do? He then tried to rescue her in the river but she fought him off. Again, what failure? Was the officer supposed to taze the woman and let her drown?
The Fire Department has resources to handle such emergencies that a patrol officer does not have. Again, what failure?
Robby, before posting such crap you really ought to consider engaging your brain first.

Thank You Norwalk Fire Department for picking up the slack once again for the failures of the Norwalk Police Department.