Update: Missing 5-Year-Old Ridgefield Boy Found Safe

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RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- Five-year-old Francis Lupo, who went missing from his Ridgefield home on Sunday evening, has been found safe, police said.

The Amber Alert has been canceled for Francis Lupo, police said late Sunday.

He was found and safe with a family member in New York City on Sunday night, according to Ridgefield police.

Police were still looking for his father, Paul Lupo, and issued a Silver Alert.

Francis Lupo went missing at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday with his father after a domestic dispute between Paul and his wife, police said.

Ridgefield police said they believe Paul was intoxicated. He was believed to be driving a blue 2002 GMC Sierra pickup truck with the Connecticut license plate of 655-8CR.

Paul Lupo is a 49-year-old white male. He weighs 210 pounds and is about 6 feet tall, according to police. 

Anyone with information regarding Paul Lupo's whereabouts should contact Ridgefield police at 203-438-6531 or at 911.

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Comments (5)

I'm glad the child was found in one piece.

Dear Greenbeanie,

It's up to community members to be on the lookout for a child when they go missing, which is why these alerts are issued. The police can't be everywhere, at once, searching, and therefore need the eyes and ears...I find it disheartening that this even requires an explanation?

Not so long ago, a man went missing and it was a neighbor who found his body due to an alert, in the woods. He'd passed away.

A group of young men, traveling in a car, saw a young woman clinging to a window of another car, mouthing for help. They initially thought it was a joke, but decided to follow the car and called 911. Turns out she'd been kidnapped and if it hadn't been for them, who knows what would have happened to her.

Goes back to, "if you see something, say something." Living in our insular world doesn't help anyone aside from ourselves, especially when another's life is in danger.

Amber Alert was named after a child who went missing years back. Usually a Silver alert is for someone who is 55 and older, such as a senior citizen who may have memory impairment etc. I think its a fantastic system and I welcome it. I agree with Victoria...its about counting on your local community to help when times like this happen. If you had a child, relative etc, that went missing, wouldn't you want as many people as possible to help YOU?

Amber Alert, Silver Alert. Who makes up all these buzzword alerts, and why is the public supposed to pay any attention to them?

Dear Greenbeanie,

Engaging in and with our community, including these kinds of alert communications, is of course always a free choice for you. Hopefully there will be others making that choice if you ever have a need.

AMBER Alert Canceled For 5-Year-Old Boy In Connecticut