Two Suspects Charged In Armed Robbery At Norwalk Grocery

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Norwalk Police arrested two men that they believe were involved in an armed robbery on Wall Street Monday night. Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. – Two suspects were in custody and charged with robbing a Wall Street grocery at gunpoint Monday night and shooting their way out of its front door to flee, Norwalk police said.

The two men entered R&G Grocery at about 9 p.m. Monday, according to the owner’s statement to police. One displayed a revolver and demanded that the owner open the cash register, police said. The other man then took all of the cash from the register, police said.

The two suspects then tried to leave but found the store’s front door was locked, police said. The suspect with the gun fired a shot into the door, shattering the glass, and the two suspects escaped and ran north toward Main Street, according to the police report.

The store owner provided officers with a description of the two men, and police searched the area with K-9 units. Officers saw one man walking on North Avenue, who turned and ran when approached by a police car, police said. He was later found on Father Conlon Place and arrested, according to police reports.

A second suspect was later found on Camp Street, police said. Officers started a K-9 track from the spot of the arrest, which led them back to the crime scene, police said. The robbery victim also positively identified both men in custody as the suspects, according to police reports.

Christopher Blair, 23, of Monterey Place and a juvenile from Norwalk were taken into custody Monday night, police said. The two face charges of robbery, larceny, conspiracy and possible weapons charges, according to police reports.

Police did not recover a weapon. Some of the stolen cash was recovered, police said Tuesday. The case was still under investigation.

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Comments (3)

Broad River:

another way the middle class finds to feel better bout themselves and their chosen path of mediocrity
Seems like someone's should find some substantial reasons why there's economic disparity in this country, instead of forcing a geographical change.

Don't B Silly:

No, how about educating them? giving them hope? How many times has the new Mayor and Old Mayor gone into these communities and told the people that they matter and should be a part of the city...i lived in that neighborhood from 1988-1997 and not once did any Mayor come visit us, just a few cops with some Say No to Drugs programs yet here we were watching our neighbors getting jailed for dime bags of cannabis but the New Canaanites and Darienites enjoyed coke filled party rooms and the cops looked the other way, i know because some cops actually were cool to us.
So while that area is low income and crime filled, there is a reason and a certain group of people should be glad that others have a perception that those housing projects are the armpits of Norwalk or the police would have needed others to fill jails with, but why bother other fancier communities with the same drug abuse problems, when your city has built THREE PROJECTS all in the same vicinity of the others, making arrests so much easier.

Oh my fault, they dont get a fancy Affluenza-like defense and since they were from low income neighborhoods and didn't kill anyone....surely the judge will find a jail sentence fit for the crime while pieces of excrement like ETHAN COUCH and GEORGE ZIMMERMAN walk free.....and the latter actually KILLED PEOPLE. Put that in your safer Norwalk cup.

Ken P Jr:

Monterey place, wonder where the minor was from? We need to lower the number of municipal housing units or close the projects altogether if we really want to live in a safer Norwalk.

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