Two People Injured In Late-Night House Fire In Norwalk

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Norwalk firefighters approach the home on South Main Street, where a late-night blaze injured two residents.
Norwalk firefighters approach the home on South Main Street, where a late-night blaze injured two residents. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
Firefighters put out the hose to fight the late night blaze in the icy cold.
Firefighters put out the hose to fight the late night blaze in the icy cold. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
Smoke is coming from a basement window from the fire.
Smoke is coming from a basement window from the fire. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
Firefighters outside the South Main Street home.
Firefighters outside the South Main Street home. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department

NORWALK, Conn. -- Two people were taken to the hospital after a fire on a frigid late Friday night in a basement bedroom of a South Main Street home, a Norwalk firefighter official said. 

The blaze was visible from the basement windows when Norwalk firefighters arrived at the smoke-filled two-family house at 204 S. Main St. at about 11 p.m., Deputy Fire Chief Edward Prescott said. 

Firefighters contained the blaze to the basement bedroom of the wood-framed home and had it under control by 11:20 p.m., Prescott said. Firefighters remained on the scene until 1:15 a.m. Saturday to ensure the blaze didn’t extend into the upper floors of the home, he said.

A female occupant from the first floor suffered smoke inhalation, and a male occupant of the basement bedroom suffered burns to his face and hands, Prescott said. Both were found outside the rear of the home when firefighters arrived, he said.

Paramedics took both to Norwalk Hospital for treatment, Prescott said. Their conditions were not known Saturday by fire officials.

The exact number of occupants of the home was not clear, but five people were in the home at the time of the blaze, he said. All other occupants escaped uninjured, Prescott said.

The two-and-a-half-story home has been posted as unfit for occupancy, he said, because the gas and electric utilities were disconnected due to fire damage. The second floor occupants were staying with neighbors temporarily and were arranging to stay with friends, Prescott said.

Fire Inspector Kirk McDonald was investigating the cause of the blaze, and the State Fire Marshal has been called in to assist with the investigation.

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Comments (8)

Ther picture the fire dept provided shows some inspection had to happen it has three new meters and that all has to be inspected before South Norwalk hooked it up so maybe it wasn't illegal after all.

This 2860 square foot multiple occupancy home has 6 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is located at 204 S Main St Norwalk, Connecticut.

The big question is was the smoke alarms working and if not what is the fine?Can't expect enforcement without having a big bite can you?Its a trick question most of there know the answer.

Smoke detectors need to have a battery that doesn't fit in remotes for TV.
All my smoke detectors have a 7 year battery and with the snap of a small piece of plastic getting to that battery means completely trashing the detector. You have good eyes to see those new meters. I wasn't trying to say they are all illegal but I'm positive it does exist and without other tenants making an anonymous n complaint.
I was over at Dairy King a few days ago. Parked in their side lot where you can see the house in back of that Laundromat next door. It's very interesting to see how they split that small house up into 3 apartments. Then I notice they all have 1 door. I guess egress out a window during a fire is okay. Doubt I'd survive the fall from the top floor.

Rental real-estate should be inspected every year by the fire marshal or landlords need to hire a certified building inspector / appraiser. Bill the landlord as it is a cost of doing business.
Without even knowing I'd imagine most of these rentals have illegal set-ups.
One poor guy living in the basement probably between two furnaces trying his best with what he has endangered the lives of many and displaced them all, probably for good.
My heart goes out to all, especially in this freezing weather but this should not have happened. Yet it happens every year in any city such as ours.
By the way, if you are using a space heater be sure the outlet has adequate wiring and can support such amperage and then BUY the right extension cord. They come in several grades. Also try to use one dedicated circuit for something that takes that much of an amperage draw. This is a shame no matter what the circumstances were.

I guess your all right,while standing there we heard dangerous chemicals so its only a rumor.If it wasn't for the tape no one would think of going into the house for the copper but what do I know.Nothing like advertising a free lunch.

Wonder how MANY illegal bedrooms were in the basement???? Extension cords don't work very well for stoves & heaters.........

Probably an illegal apartment wired by a homeowner.

It is taped off because it is unfit to occupy due to the utilities being shut off.

Shame Norwalk never gets the whole story,you have to wonder what else went on at the fire and if there is any danger to those who live nearby.This is what happens when there is no accountability.Its odd how the property is taped off today.