Two Norwalk Stabbing Victims Hospitalized Friday Night

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Two stabbings less than an hour apart Friday night left both victims hospitalized, police said.

In the first incident, reported to police at 10:53 p.m., the victim said he was attacked by 10 people as he was leaving the Norwalk train station.

“Watch out, let me do it,” he told police an attacker said to him. The victim was treated for stab wounds on his body with lacerations on his finger, police said. Detectives are investigating the victim’s account.

The second inciden was reported to police at 11:36 p.m. The victim said he was stabbed on Haviland Street. A witness told police the victim said the stabber yelled, “Don’t mess with black girls.” The witness said the stabber was wearing a dark sweatshirt and drove a black car. The victim called an ambulance and was treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Police didn't provide any additional information about the alleged perpetrators of the stabbings.

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Comments (13)

oh thats right Church was today and tonight and no one knew what went on outside the doors of worship Norwalks standard operating procedure.

Thanks Mayor Moccia for yet another crime shuffle there is no love for a mayor like you.

Lets just say no on is happy in Norwalk,its one thing to facxe someone you saw but what one reader doesn't understand if you report shots fired the boys cone to your house to your front door on the way they figure out if they arrest you on a outstanding library account.Why is tis if the city had shot spotter they would know before the first car was there if it was fireworks.

Thank you Daily for making this news now we can hear about the handgun robbery in South Norwalk so it alert the residents there is a pattern emerging you really don't think Mossic or his crew will come foreward and tell us all about the other crime over the weekend that has left the city reeling.

Yes thats right the crime this weekend is always matched monday by the new reports by business owners all ready tired of Norwalks non existant police drive to prevent crime they only respond and if thye do catch someone well give them an award its odd how the best cops Norwalk have are never thanked just those who are in very public cases they can't hide from us.

The idea of a police log is to give us all a heads up a gun is walking around our churches on South Main st and no one has said a word from the city alerting unsuspecting c victims that would otherwise take more of a precaution where a handgun crime just happened.

Norwalk police need to be sued for holding back information and the tape at the tain station should be on channel 12 Daily and The Hour then again speculation now tells us the parking auth may not have had equipment working.

A reporter down in Bridgeport asked a MTA officer about the stabbing in the train station and he simply said Norwalk has no direct line of communication yet go out of their way to prove it happens on MTA property a strike not against the City of Norwalk figures.

maybe its time for Rilling to spill the beans and come foreward and tell about the crime shellgame he promoted while in charge.

I like the postings on the site yet if half of you knew the truth I bet your input would be better once more informed of Norwalks crime.This is what drives tourism and business away from the city it show Bob Duff negative numbers in his office on real estate interest in the city.

Bob is a real hero to the republicans he knows the situation yet stays silent.Darien is on to his inability to work with the voters from the city he comes from/

Its a shame Bob is a great guy but a very lousy politician then again knowing what party in yourt in would help.

Its all about safety and informed citizens 24 48 72 hours after a crime is not the time to ask for help from Norwalk residents its the here and now Bob Dick and Tom almopst sounds like Shemp should of run for office as well.


Our police do the best they can with the poor leadership they have had in Rilling and Moccia. The cops will be in their cars next to smokers who throw lit butts out the window and they don't do anything 'cause nothing will happen in court.

We have VERY SEVERE gun laws and penalties, but Moccia won't push for the Assistant State's Attorneys to prosecute them severely, he just makes noises and wants more laws against the law-abiding citizens - oh that's right, he's one of Bloomberg's lapdogs.

Why don't any of the 'witnesses' report anything to the cops? Because they'd be reporting - 'squealing' - on a friend/relative/running buddy and they don't have enough pride/guts/courage/principles to do that. Many have been brought up in the "Entitlement Society' started by Lyndon Johnson and perpetuated by the Democrats and the 'Race Pimps', like Sharpton, Jackson, and Rangel that they think everything should be given to them and most are unwilling to work for it, unfortunately.

The citizens of Norwalk only deserve the kind of city they are willing to live in - if they don't care or are unwilling to stand up for something better, then no one else should be asked to change it for them.

And the day I retire is the day I'm headed out of this state to a lower cost-of-living, a lower crime rate, and one where law-and-order and personal liberty is high on the agenda - and live among people who feel the same.

We need a real life Dexter Morgan to move into town. He can clean this place up.

If you are a witness and report it, does the accused have the the Right to face his accuser in court?
Seeing “Don’t mess with black girls.” was expressed, is it then considered a ' Hate ' crime? Isn't it part of the reason behind the crime and not simply an excited utterance.
Last year there was a similar type of attack near the Moose Lodge, around this time of year.

Nothing will change until SONO isnt a ghetto anymore. Its not an enforcement issue, its an entitlement one. They feel like and are treated as if they are entitled to live here free & victimize us. Cut financial aid & start charging reasonable rent in the projects, if we cant tear them down, to get rid of the loafers & replace them with productive citizens who wont tolerate the scumbags in their neighborhoods. Of course credit is due to our PD for the terrific work they do in a no win situation. I wonder how many people who live in the area saw each incident and said nothing? Thats the problem.

@ Ken P Jr,
You're suddenly and strangely silent !

@Ken P Jr:

What are You Prescribing ?

Because it reads as though You want to ' get rid of the ( Insert - Specific Ethnic or Racial populations ) loafers , scumbags. '

In modern context, the term ghetto refers to an overcrowded urban area often associated with Specific Ethnic or Racial populations living below the poverty line. Crime rates in ghettoes are typically higher than in other parts of the city

It's a "They" issue?

Ken P Jr: " replace them with productive citizens who wont tolerate the scumbags in their neighborhoods. " It's a "them " issue?


Do you live in another Norwalk than the rest of us.

"Of course credit is due to our PD for the terrific work they do "

No description of the attackers?

The Norwalk crime epidemic continues...Nothing will change until we have a NEW Police Department as the current department is a failure

True the NPD has been a total failure for years now.