Norwalk Man Charged With Selling Cocaine In Stamford

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STAMFORD, Conn. — Two men were arrested in Stamford after police officers found cocaine in their car early Thursday, police said.

Patrol officers pulled over the vehicle the suspects, Emmanuel Gonzalez, 21, of Norwalk and Edwin Mondragon, 27, of Stamford, were in, police said. Officers noticed both were nervous, breathing heavily and their hands were visibly shaking, Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said. Both suspects denied having anything illegal and allowed police to search the vehicle, police said. K-9 Officer Cooper searched and hit on several locations in the vehicle where cocaine was found, the sergeant said.

A total of nine plastic bags containing 6.1 grams of cocaine, and $516 cash were seized, Shawinsky said.
Each was charged with possession of narcotics, sale of certain illegal drugs and conspiracy charges to commit those crimes, police said. Each was held on $10,000 bond with a court date of June 5.

The officers stopped the vehicle because part of the license plate was obstructed and the had dark, tinted windows, Shawinsky said.

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Comments (4)

Odd coming from you who has stated time and again that you use both pot and coke.

Yes I do indeed, no shame in it. Weed every night after work, blow once a month. I spend more on drugs than you get in welfare each month I bet.

What IS shameful is having you stalk my every post. My EVERY post you will reply to, with no less than 4 user names.

So your coke and pot addiction may explain your ignorance and your delusions.
Thanks for that info.
Oh getting back to the homeless shelter from posting spam from the library is not getting home from work.

I wonder if they were nervous for being pulled over, or jacked up on blow?

Amazes me these drug dealers have suspicious looking cars with tinted windows. They need a mini van with a soccer sticker on the back and they will never get pulled over, LMAO!

Whats even more sad is blow is a schedule 2, and pot is a schedule 1. So our lovely gov is telling us coke is less dangerous than weed.