Two Kayakers Rescued From Ice By Norwalk Fire Department

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Two kayakers were rescued from the icy waters of Norwalk Harbor off Marvin Beach in East Norwalk on Sunday morning, the Norwalk Fire Department reported.

A 911 caller at 10:37 a.m. reported that two people aboard a small kayak were trying to chop through the ice to make it back to shore, Deputy Fire Chief Chris King said in a statement.

The kayakers appeared to be in distress and were about 75 to 100 feet off shore, the caller reported.

The Norwalk Fire Department responded with its 38-foot boat, which is capable of breaking through ice and has a heated cabin to warm up victims if needed, King said. The boat was under way within 10 minutes of the call and made contact with the kayakers at 11:01 a.m., he said. 

The kayakers were attempting to break through ice that was 1 to 2 inches thick  in places, King said. They were in good health, he said, but both were dressed in street clothes with no thermal value and they had no protective gear with them. 

The air temperature was in the 20s, and the water temperature was 32 degrees with a freezing drizzle falling. In these conditions, King said, hypothermia could set in and loss of dexterity would occur in less than two minutes and unconsciousness in under 15 minutes.

Both kayakers were taken aboard the Fire Department boat and returned to shore in good condition, he said.

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Comments (7)

Please folks, remember this: Cold Water Kills.

I imagine they likely were wearing PFDs or they would have been ticketed & it would be in the article. The protective clothing mentioned is probably a wet or dry suit intended for cold weather.

At any rate the pathetic attempt to turn it into a political thing is typical of the looney lefties on here. Id imagine that annually our emergency services care for more homeless & poor due to cold weather than they do anyone else & they're typically Democrats if they vote at all & favor democrats if they don't. But thats irrelevant. Im just happy they got ashore safely.

Good news indeed that the paddlers didn't end up much worse off, but to the question, How dumb can you be?, I guess they had the answer: Very.

These 2 stupid republicans should have to pay the city back for the rescue

if "distress" means calm, laughing, and about to have a picnic and get a BJ, then yeah I was distressed.

also, FYI, more of a fiscal conservative, but socially liberal

The first "Darwin Award" of the new year, but glad they are safe. Kayakers need lessons on cold shock and hypothermia, proper dress and safety equip for this time of year which includes a dry suit and life jacket. As much as several organizations and individuals try to educate the public on boating safety, there is always more work to be done and it is very frustrating.
David Park

Icekayaker: that bj could have been your last as you weren't even wearing PFDs. What was you plan if one of you slipped into the deadly cold water. Or fell through the ice out of rescuers reach. You need to take up a new hobby... maybe mall shopping would be more appropriate for you.