Two Charged In Drive-By Fatal Shooting In Norwalk

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Kyle Freitag, 21, of Milford, is one of two suspects in a drive-by shooting murder in Norwalk Wednesday evening.
Kyle Freitag, 21, of Milford, is one of two suspects in a drive-by shooting murder in Norwalk Wednesday evening. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department
Terrance J. Baxter, 22, of Norwalk, is the second of two suspects in a drive-by murder in Norwalk Wednesday.
Terrance J. Baxter, 22, of Norwalk, is the second of two suspects in a drive-by murder in Norwalk Wednesday. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. – Two men have been arrested in connection with Tuesday evening’s drive-by fatal shooting of a 19-year-old Norwalk teenager, police said. A second victim, an 18-year-old Norwalker, suffered injuries and has been admitted to Norwalk Hospital.

The identity of the teen who was killed was being withheld by police pending notification of next of kin.

Arrested were former Norwalk resident Kyle Freitag, 21, currently of Milford, and Terrance J. Baxter, 22, of Norwalk. Each was charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder, police said. The two were also in possession of cocaine and additional charges were pending, police said.

The shooting took place on Fort Point Street between Van Zant Street and Seaview Avenue at about 5:35 p.m. Tuesday when a van driven by Baxter approached the two victims, who were riding a motor scooter, police said. Police did not disclose which suspect, Baxter or Freitag, pulled the trigger. 

According to Norwalk Police Lt. Timothy Murphy, Baxter and Freitag sped off and were arrested by state police on Center Street in Fairfield, after Norwalk police put out a bulletin with a description of the van Baxter was driving.

Both were turned over to Norwalk police and were scheduled to be arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court on Wednesday.

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Comments (17)

What this article dosnt say, is the two on the scooter, were members of a norwalk gang. This was reported in other publications.

@Say what.......thank u so much for saying this. The truth hurts, thats the bottom line. Everyone looks at the victims first, but before u focus on the victims....ask yourself why did this person get shot, killed whatever it could be, theres always a story behind it all. Some stories are very disturbing, and sad and others, we can pretty much figure out that their in a gang, uptown vs. downtown. If they want to kill one another ship their behinds overseas and fight for your country

This situation is very sad. we have lost so many kids over this gang related mess. You cant go around bullying people thinking that you can get away with it. This kid was being bullied ever since amos brown was killed, and that he testified in court. They were going to his job, his house and etc...the police was very aware that this kid was being bullied by these kids. Im not saying that u can go around killing people, but when you are tired of being pushed around, this is what the results comes out to be. you would"ve thought that by him testifying in court, knowing that there are still alot of them out there, the police could"ve done alot more to protect him and others. but who am i to say. My heart goes out to both families, especially the smalls and johnsons, they just buried their love one a couple months ago. ( the victims mother). maybe one day this will all pass.

Hey Tim T. You really should know the limitations of local police departments before you start spewing your hate of the Norwalk Police Department. The police are discouraged from engaging in high speed pursuits and EACH police department relies on the neighboring forces for additional support should they need it. Norwalkertoo is correct. They acted quickly, spread the word to surrounding areas to get the scumbag apprehended. The police cannot be everywhere in this town and especially in the condition the city is in the wake of the hurricane. Perhaps you should spend a day in the shoes of a police officer and see if you last 3 hours. And if you are so unhappy, move to a city you think is safer. Naive people like you are an embarrassment to the rest of the community.

One of the victim's is the son of a Norwalk police officer.

The shooting happened because time and again the NPD has failed to control gangs in Norwalk.
The victim gave a description that dispatch broadcasted and another agencies (STATE PD) solved the crime and got the killer as usual.

It was the Norwalk Police who responded, quickly gathered information and alerted neighboring Police agencies to the description of the suspect vehicle. The State Police and other agencies worked together to solve this crime of violence. No agency can succeed on its own without help, whether from citizens or other agencies. The State PD didn't know who to stop without Norwalk PD giving them the information.

The victim told NPD who the suspects were . The arrest was not the result of anything the NPD did other than the dispatcher putting out the info the victim supplied..
Thank You State PD for once again doing the work for the failed NPD.

What is the impetus to gun down these two young men? Norwalk youth is pre-occupied with vengeful killings and under seige by these offenders. What can we do as a community to end this violence, change the path? These boys will spend the rest of their lives in the prison system, and the killings will continue on Norwalk streets. Let start working on the open files of unsolved murders. Let's crack these gangs, drug connections and firearms NPD. It's shameful to have a segment of our community, plagued by thugs committing senseless murders.

Great job NPD. Responded quickly, gathered identifying information, broadcast it to surrounding areas where suspects were likely to flee, and closing the case within minutes. How police response is supposed to be done. Congrats boys.

Thanks Mike. Can you call Tim T and let him know how the real world works?

Tim thinks they used special state police ESP to determine that the white van they were pulling over had our friendly neighborhood murderers in it. lol
You should always give credit where its do & its due the Norwalk PD in this instance.

You are making yourself look foolish with your support of failure...
You may want to have someone read this to you
"arrested by state police on Center Street in Fairfield"
I and most who can read would be able to understand this.
"arrested by state police on Center Street in Fairfield"

Who told them who the suspects were? You?

Thank You Connecticut State police for doing the job of the failure of the NPD and getting this scum.

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