Two-Car Crash Closes Down East Avenue In Norwalk

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Firefighters work to get the driver out of a minivan after a crash near 29 East Ave. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
East Avenue in Norwalk is blocked by the accident cleanup. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
One driver is taken to Norwalk Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department
The Fire Department deals with the aftermath of a crash on East Avenue near Nelson Avenue. Photo Credit: Norwalk Fire Department

NORWALK, Conn. -- A head-on two-car crash briefly shut down East Avenue in Norwalk on Saturday morning, the Norwalk Fire Department said. 

The accident happened at 6:30 a.m. when a northbound Nissan Quest mini-van and a southbound Porsche Cheyenne SUV struck each other head on in the area of Nelson Avenue, fire officials said.

The driver of the Cheyenne was not injured. The driver of the Quest had to be extricated by firefighters. He was transported to Norwalk Hospital by paramedics with injuries that were not life threatening, fire officials said.

Norwalk police were investigating the cause of the accident and had the road closed until 7 a.m..

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Comments (3)

Pony Tail Steve':

I once had a German car but it got repoed. Now I take the bus

Pony Tail Steve:

German made car had no injuries. They are built like tanks.

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