Two Arrested After Dozens Brawl In New Year's Bar Fight In Norwalk

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Nesken Basquiat, 26, of Miramar, Fla., was charged with a breach of the peace and interfering with police by Norwalk Police early New Year's Day. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. – Two people were arrested after a bar fight in Norwalk involving dozens of people early New Year’s Day, according to police reports.

Staff members called Norwalk Police to a West Avenue bar early Wednesday for reports of a large-scale disturbance in the bar, police said. Officers at the scene estimated that dozens of patrons were involved in the fight, police said.

Officers escorted those who were not involved out of the bar, including many with visible wounds, police said. No victims remained at the scene to give witness reports to officers, according to police reports.

While officers were on the scene they saw Nesken Basquiat, 26, of Miramar, Fla., swing a metal chair at other patrons, according to police reports. He struck several others with the chair before he was arrested and placed in a police car, the report said.

Several people then gathered outside the car holding Basquiat and began yelling, with at least one man attempting to open the door of the patrol car, police said. Officers used pepper spray on that man before he fled the scene, according to the police report.

Officers used pepper spray in the bar after those the people not involved in the fight had gone outside, according to police reports. Eventually, officers were able to clear the bar, but a group of suspects began a second fight in a nearby parking lot after they were kicked out of the bar, police said.

One of those combatants, 26-year-old Eliezer Gabriel of Stamford, was apprehended by officers and arrested, police said. The rest fled before officers could make more arrests, police said. Officers decided not to pursue any other suspects in order to remain on the scene at the bar to keep order there, police said.

Basquiat and Gabriel were each charged with a breach of the peace and interfering with police. Basquiat’s bond was set at $1,500, and Gabriel’s was set at $5,000. Both men are due in court Jan. 9.

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Comments (8)

Don't B Silly:

What happened no AFFLUENZA defense?
Oh right....No one actually died.


Probably just a group of junior accounting executives blowing off steam after the end-of-year closing of the company books.

Broad River:

Question is which set of books and who's books lol


Ok...maybe I missed it. Who, what, where, when, how.....I get that it's a bar on West Avenue but WHICH ONE???


The NPD has a lot of nerve arresting anyone for a bar fight considering nothing happened to one of their own for this type of behavior. Not fired and not arrested. At the NPD they have one set of laws for themselves and another for everyone else..

Norwalk police probe bar fracas involving officer (Warning: Video contains graphic language)

Broad River:

I find it disgusting that no victims remained at the scene to give witness reports to officers. The people gathered outside the car holding Basquiat and began yelling, with at least one man attempting to open the door of the patrol car. The enabling and collusion that exist is absolutely reprehensible and contributes to the answer of when Police are sometimes call to assist in something domestic and ' nothing is done '.
I'm embarrassed as a Norwalk citizen that this base behavior is the standard amongst many in this town.
It's not the lack of work that drives people to move nearly as much as the caliber of people of integrity they leave behind. Disrespectful., dishonest, do as they want citizens will be hearing a loud and swift swooshing sound of flight as law abiding respectful people leave. The Tax Base will evaporate into thin air. Public assistance will not be able to cope and what will remain will be a mini-Bridgeport. Without that Public assistance Landlords will abandon their housing, dust themselves off and play the back nine down in the sunbelt.

Ken P Jr:

Ironic but the last paragraph is a great description of what liberal politics is already doing. Every year our voter base gains non taxpayers & loses taxpayers (property tax). This only increases the burden on the remaining taxpayers actually creating more people in need, which again raises costs driving up taxes etc.

As far as the incident in question, I wasn't there but I tend to agree its sad nobody gives statements. In this case its not I don't think a biggie, it sounds like a drunk brawl on New Years Eve. But much of our violent crime is centered in tight communities where there simply must be more witnesses than what come forward. Its going to be near impossible for law enforcement to root out the criminals when nobody will point them out.
Sometimes in domestic calls nothing needs being done. Its not like an arrest needs to be made every time the police are called.

Broad River:

I wasn't there neither but a brawl isn't a foreign concept to me either. I'm hoping it shows up on YouTube from a cell phone camera.

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