Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest, Angry Mob In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. – Two 24-year-old Norwalk men were arrested and charged with narcotics and other violations Thursday following an altercation with Norwalk police on Harriett Street that also resulted in an angry mob yelling obscenities at officers.

Jamie Young of Freemont Street and Dwight Davis of Sention Avenue were charged with several misdemeanors, including possession and sale of narcotics, after police pulled them over for running a stop sign at about 1:45 p.m. and, police said, found crack cocaine in the vehicle.

Young also was charged with interfering with an officer, refusing to be fingerprinted, destruction of property and criminal mischief for kicking at the bars inside the police cruiser and spitting at an officer while in custody.

In addition, 46-year-old Harriett Street resident Karen Malik and her juvenile daughter were arrested on misdemeanor charges of breach of peace and interfering with an officer after they yelled obscenities at officers and tried to break up the arrest of Young and Davis, police said. Malik and her daughter were part of an angry mob that temporarily surrounded the police cruiser during the incident.

Young was held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, and Davis was held in lieu of a $25,000 bond, and both were scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court Friday. Malik and her daughter were released after posting bonds and are scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Nov. 29.

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Comments (10)

Why was the ' mob ' angry?

Paw get a rope !

Can these people be sterilized? why of course, they can, except this is not Munich ala '1933, and we aren't Nazis.

Excellent thought!!!

a rumor that the new East Norwalk fire boat was called in for crowd control but it had gone to Stamford to MacDonalds.

Honestly folks let talk some numbers,there are only 120 officers on the street and crime in Norwalk is up ten percent so far for the year.

Mayor is now coming undert fire according to Norwalks news media and it doesn't seem like anything will be getting any better soon.

We need some in depth facts,now heroe badges are passed out yet people who came to Norwalk to help out in the storm have never been mentioned just Moccias super heroes who by the way are paid to defend and provide service for the city.Unklike those who came to Norwalk to help out was on a volunteer basis.

Why is the news become so selective?Crimes in the last week are not common for Norwalk including the murder and injury of a Norwalks police officers son that was arrested after shot with cocaine on him.

Norwalk is not new to coruption or posturing but when it looks like city hall is covering tracks maybe its time for a new Mayor and lets not wait for the next election.His babd Linda lost.The Democrats lost also we still have Duff.

You never graduated middle school....did you. Please stop posting until you've taken (and passed) some remedial Elngish and grammar courses.


That crack cocaine makes people stupid. Nice job by the police officer(s). That woman that tried to prevent the arrests has no excuse. She should get serious prison time. She is just lucky she wasn't seriously injured. Cops have the right to protect themselves, and the tools.

Can these people be sterilized?