Torrington Woman Planned Columbine-Style Shooting At Danbury High

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Recent court documents revealed a Torrington woman had planned on mimicking the Columbine shootings at Danbury High School.
Recent court documents revealed a Torrington woman had planned on mimicking the Columbine shootings at Danbury High School. Photo Credit: File

DANBURY, Conn. -- Court records revealed that a Torrington woman arrested last month was plotting to carry out a Columbine-style shooting at Danbury High School to get back at people she felt bullied her, according to the Torrington Register Citizen. 

Natalie Carpenter, 18, divulged in her diary that she and her accomplice, 19-year-old Peter Thulin planned a shooting similar to Columbine in which Carpenter would exact revenge by shooting students at Danbury High before committing suicide, the Register Citizen reported. 

Carpenter sang the praises of Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, calling them her "heroes." Carpenter also mentioned Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza but said he killed innocent children, the Register Citizen said. 

The plan was discovered by authorities when one of patients from Hope House, a psychiatric facility Carpenter attended, told employees of her plan. Carpenter was charged with attempt to commit first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit assault and is being held at Niantic Correctional Institute, according to the Register Citizen. 

It is unclear why Danbury would have been Carpenter's target, as she has no ties to the district. Carpenter was a student in Stratford schools and those familiar with her said she was bullied and isolated from her peers, the Register Citizen said. 

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Comments (11)

Gun confiscation and destroying the 2nd Amendment will do nothing to prevent something like this. Take guns away from lawful citizens and lawless thugs run everything. On second thought, they already are.

It is pretty sad that after Newtown Tragedy our congressmen don't enact a gun control. It seems most republicans care more about their wallet than our children!

The right wing is obsessed with weapons of mass destruction

I hope Natalie and Peter get the help they need, and similarly for other bullied students so they can deal with their anger and helplessness before it ferments into rage. Gun laws will do little or nothing to prevent mass-murder tragedies or plots of revenge for being carried out. Holding bullies and their parents/guardians accountable may stem the tide.

Absolutely repeal the 2nd amendment in Danbury and/or Torrington. Make them gun deserts.

But let other municipalities decide how they want to manage gun ownership.

Don't say it's too complicated, since the Affordable Care Act is complicated and we are astounded by its success.

In some states, wards can vote themselves dry and in CT, towns can vote themselves dry, so this type of local option has proven successful.

Let the citizens of a municipality have the freedom to eliminate guns for themselves but let other municipalities manage their guns as they see fit, consistent with common sense and state statutes.

If you like, make gun possession in a proscribed town a life sentence with no parole. Be as tough as you want on your own turf but leave other jurisdictions free to set and enforce their own rules.

I agree with A. Powers and Dirty Duck and would add that the CT gun laws should be tougher yet until the 2nd amendment is repealed.

Thank You Governor Malloy for enacting gun laws that prevented this. I know the right wing pro mass destruction group will not see it that way but that is to be expected from them as they support everything that destroys.

you are correct.
Just think how many more lives will be saved when the 2nd amendment is repealed.

Yes dirty duck you are correct.. Many Many lives will be saved with the repeal of the 2nd amendment.. Just look at the UK as they had almost Zero gun deaths. As in None.

NBC Connecticut reported that she had attended both schools and was bullied. Their article has much more info on this (whether its accurate, who knows)
Very scary.