Thousands Of Dollars In Rare Coins Stolen In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. – A man returning from serving three-months in jail reported the theft of thousands of dollars worth of rare coins from his home while he was away, police said.

The 55-year-old victim, who lives on N. Water Street, told police that in addition to the coins, his Apple iPad, Sony digital camera and a couple of bottles of Cristal champagne were also taken.

The combined value of the items was put at about  $14,000.

Police said the victim, whose identity was not released, had two roommates staying in his home while he was in  jail. He discovered the items missing and the roommates gone when he returned.

The victim gave police descriptions of the roommates, and partial information on their identities. Police are investigating.

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Comments (4)

Knowing this guy's history, there is not much chance of him collecting from any real insurance company. He faces charges all over the country for selling worthless hole-in-one insurance, and you can be sure the real insurance companies know that and will look very carefully at any claim he makes. That storie about missing room mates that he can't identify won't help.

The hour posted his name

Is it me or is it the fact that most scumbags in Norwalk live on N Water st.The model agency has a 5 inch file on complaints in Ct alone,the guy that just got popped for fraud and the countless arrests of residents there makes you wonder was that complex so great for Norwalk after all.They some who know the inside scoops in Norwalk say the complexes still to this day are not paying full in taxes like the rest of us.

The story came out last week on a Irving Texas company who have interests in those building a very rotten to the core business that got great pr by the second last week on a transfer of ownership.

When is Norwalk going to learn this high rise living Norwalk needed so much isn't giving back to the city and the work the city needs to do to keep such high rises is not cost effective.

But then again what idiot would buy into the N Water st condos knowing the crime and the mere smell from the sewage traetment plant matches what most real investors would deem a lost cause.

Get what you pay for in Norwalk must be the thing to say.

I want to live on North Water Street and have room mates that I can not give positive ID for when I come home from jail.