Suspect In Sexual Assault On Train Identified As Metro-North Employee

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Fairfield police worked with Metropolitan Transportation Authority police to arrest a Metro-North employee for sexual assault.
Fairfield police worked with Metropolitan Transportation Authority police to arrest a Metro-North employee for sexual assault. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A Metro-North employee was charged in the Tuesday morning sexual assault that stopped a New Haven-bound train at the Fairfield station for more than 45 minutes, police said.  

Fairfield and Metropolitan Transportation Authority police worked together Tuesday morning to find Manny Ramos, 34, of Brooklyn, N.Y., after a passenger said she had been the victim of a sexual assault by him, a Metro-North spokesman said.

Ramos was hired as a coach cleaner in October 2011 and was being trained to become a train engineer, Metro-North said. He was suspended without pay, and further disciplinary actions will be taken, the spokesman said. The exact charges from Metro-North police are still pending, the spokesman said. 

The female victim reported the assault to the train crew, who stopped the train at the Fairfield station, the spokesman said. Fairfield and Metro-North police were called to assist in the search for the suspect, who had fled the train, the spokesman said. Fairfield police officers located and detained Ramos before turning him over to Metro-North police, the spokesman said.

The victim was able to identify Ramos as the man who assaulted her, police said. A spokesman from Metro-North was unable to confirm but reports said Ramos had stood in front of her and masturbated while she was waking up on the train.

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Comments (8)

dupe post, sorry

Jumping from car cleaner to engineer in 2 years???

Sounds like a mandate diversity about working your way up through the ranks? Do engineers have to pass a psych screen?

why are you thanking the Norwalk Police as they had ZERO to do with this.

From one of our state reps :Thanks are also due to the staff of Metro-North Railroad and the Norwalk Police. This event reminds us that preparation and training for emergencies pays off when a moment of need arises.

I hope after the super bowl party a kickoff to the next election some of our reps have time to understand how many problems the riders have beyond the trains themselves.

Absurd!!! Everyday it is something else with this railroad. If they do not kill you they freeze you waiting for delayed trains. Now the employees will rape you. Great background check people. Time to privatize this operation, stop the defined contribution plan, lower fares and restore proper service.

If Metro North were a private company you would not be able to afford the price of a ticket

Good point. It would be unaffordable -- more unaffordable -- if privately run. But, seriously, what next! The bad news just keeps piling on at Metro North.

I dont disagree there are problems and I am a fan of privatization on many levels, but no one was raped. Keep the facts straight.