Suspect Hit With Taser During Norwalk Drug Arrest

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Norwalk Police charged James Williams, 35, of Muller Avenue with drug and weapon possession, assault on a police officer and other charges Wednesday. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. – Police used a Taser on a Norwalk man after he struggled with officers during an arrest on drug and weapons charges Wednesday night, according to police reports.

Special Services Division officers on patrol saw James Williams, 35, of Muller Avenue driving on Martin Luther King Drive just before midnight Wednesday. There was an active warrant for his arrest relating to drug possession charges in December, police said. His car also had a clear plastic cover over his license plate, which is illegal under Connecticut laws.

Two officers stopped Williams and asked him to get out of his car. They asked him to remove his hands from his pockets, and grabbed his arm when he refused, police said. He then struggled with the two officers, and all three men fell to the ground.

Williams continued to fight with the two officers in a lane of Martin Luther King Drive before getting up and running across the street. One of the officers then fired his Taser into Williams’ back, according to the police report. Williams then stopped and was placed under arrest.

Police found a clear plastic bag that had fallen out of Williams’ pocket, which contained a small amount of crack-cocaine and marijuana, police said. A switchblade was also found inside his car, according to the police report.

Williams was taken to Norwalk Hospital for removal of the Taser prongs. The two arresting officer complained of minor leg and finger pain after the incident.

Williams was charged with possession of narcotics, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, assault on a peace officer, interfering with police, carrying a dangerous weapon and having a weapon in a motor vehicle. He was held on a total bond of $175,000, and is due in court on Jan. 30.

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Comments (5)


Outstanding warrant, crack cocaine, switchblade knife and of course resisting arrest. Go ahead and tase him! Great job Norwalk PD.


Its time the department of justice looks into the misuse of the Taser by the NPD,,, The NPD is a complete and total failure.


Very True Ken..The NPD is out of control


Great application and use of taser. Glad no one was killed.


Amazing how the failures of the NPD can not do anything without the use of the taser. The NPD are cowards and should be replaced with outsourcing to a private company.
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