Suspect Charged With Heroin Distribution In Norwalk

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The cash and heroin above were seized in a drug bust in Norwalk Thursday, police say.
The cash and heroin above were seized in a drug bust in Norwalk Thursday, police say. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. – A Waterbury man was charged with bringing a large amount of heroin to Norwalk Thursday, according to police reports.

Through an ongoing investigation Norwalk Police said they found that Leonard Johnson, 61, of Waterbury, would bring heroin into Norwalk for distribution. Johnson “had been under investigation for mid-level sales and transportation for some time,” according to a Norwalk Police press release.

Johnson’s car was stopped on North Main Street Thursday afternoon and searched. Inside officers found 250 individually wrapped packages of heroin, according to police reports. Police estimate that the street value of the package was approximately $5,000. 

Johnson was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics, illegal distribution of narcotics, and added charges for being within 1,500 feet of a school. He was held on a $100,000 bond, and is due in court on Aug. 12.

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Comments (11)

Its been around for 40+ years in the streets of Norwalk. This isI not ato new crisis. Don't believe me? Check out an na meeting in town and listen to the war stories from the members born and raised in Norwalk. This is nothing new. And $5000 is a joke. Thats straight money. Impossible. But they like to maximize. As usual. It's definitely a terrible soul snatcher that demolishes whatever it touches but instead of blaming whoever you dont like that happens to have a title why not seriously try to come up with something useful. Anything that's worth a plan of action is worth more than the wasteful act of finger pointing.

1 down yet many more will take this guys place and yes there must be a need for drugs why would they come to Norwalk.Your bars and drinking holes in Norwalk has brought many from out of tiown to Norwalk thats the draw folks people who can come park and drink in Norwalk have money for drugs not your can collectors in Sono.You have Duff and Moccia who ignore the need of drugs in Norwalk they are scholed or privy to much as we can see they never touch upon this subject.The need is more than the chance of getting caught in Norwalk and as long as teflon Bob is around things will slide of the map at election time.Bob and Dick has had many years to help cleanup this mess it meant no headlines thus leaving us with social problems beyond teir grasp time for a new path to take poor Harry thinks having a few uniformed Norwalkers in his corner will make him the winner so sad grown men who can't get out of their own way and lead Norwalk.

Sounds like a dime bag now costs $20.

People of Norwalk should be more concerned that a man from Waterbury thinks there is enough of a thriving heroin distribution business in Norwalk, that this is a prime destination to sell his stock. Make no mistake: Heroin is as powerful and lethal a drug to which addicts can be addicted. It costs a lot in healthcare, law enforcement and degradation of neighborhoods. I am glad he was caught, I wish $100,000 was a larger figure for possible bail and I hope that law enforcement can continue to work and get to the source of this insidious problem that destroys individual lives and neighborhoods. And keep it out of Norwalk.

It is disturbing that there is a market for this in Norwalk. Hard drugs in any neighborhood will destroy it slowly.
Its good to see this guy got caught. Keep the nasty stuff away from Norwalk. And stop attracting the people that use this garbage with low income incentives.

too late with who we have for politicians the city has declined enough for a great drug trade our State reos can't work with Moccia unless your Duff who sells out democrats on a daily basis for a republican vote.

They come to Norwalk to commit crime because of the low apprehension rate by the failures of the Norwalk police department

your right and parts of the city is seeking Rilling in office?

This is a bit off topic but if you would like to have a laugh check out ffctguitar posts on Norwalk topix

He was just arrested. Remember that woman in Waterbury that had 35 THOUSAND bags on her? I wonder if these two are related?

In the past you have supported the use of coke and pot. Do you also support thr use of heroin?