Robbery Reported In Norwalk Following Fireworks

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Photo Credit: Casey Donahue, file

NORWALK, Conn. -- A man reported he was robbed on Beach Road in Norwalk after the Fourth of July fireworks show on Saturday night, according to police.

The man told police that he had parked his car on nearby Cove Avenue to watch the fireworks at Calf Pasture Beach. When the man was returning to his car, he was approached by four men, he told police. The men pushed him to the ground and tried to steal his wallet, police said.

The man said he threw his wallet away from them, but they managed to take some cash out of it, police said. They then left the area. The victim was not able to provide a description of the four men to police.

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This comes of no surprise considering The Norwalk Police are a complete and total failure.