Puppies Of Westport In Norwalk Evacuated; Suspicious Package Found

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Puppies of Westport has been evacuated after a suspicious package was found there.
Puppies of Westport has been evacuated after a suspicious package was found there. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman, File

NORWALK, Conn. -- UPDATE 1:50 P.M. The all-clear was given around 1 p.m. on Thursday after a suspicious package was reported to police at Puppies of Westport in Norwalk.

A suspect was spotted by a witness walking into the store with the package while dressed as "Batman" villain The Joker, according to the Hour.


The Norwalk pet store called Puppies of Westport was evacuated late Thursday morning after a suspicious package was reported to police by its owners, police said.

Surrounding stores have also been evacuated. Norwalk Police and Fire crews are on scene investigating the incident.

Puppies of Westport has been the focus of several protests that allege the store buys its pets from so-called "puppy mills."

The owners maintain that all of its pets are treated with care.

Two weeks ago, a 23-year-old Norwalk woman was arrested on charges smashing a window on the same store and told police she was "trying to set the puppies free."

The Daily Voice will have more information as it becomes available.

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Comments (4)

Regardless of how anybody feels about puppy mills etc, this is not acceptable, but is common enough among animal rights whacks.

It seems like the animal rights extremists have a lot in common with the right wing extremists as they are both wackos.

They say that all the animals are treated with care, or their pets are treated with care??
I'd like to hear them denounce doing business with puppy mills and show the support documentation of what breeders they are using.
Anybody wanting a dog can easily get one from a registered breeder. Take an active role in the breeding and subsequent puppy care with the breeder and a registered veterinarian. Those first few weeks are crucial and you can be there for all of that. Not taking a dog that has watched it's littermates disappear and now it's crate mates.
I don't have anything against the store or their practices. I don't know them. This store has had its share of troubles in the past, I feel bad for them but now people are willing to threaten the store with explosives? Something tells me there is more to it. This isn't an action of an animal lover.
There are just better ways or consider a rescue dog.