Police: Wilton Man Shot During Struggle Over Rifle

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A man suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound in this home on Grumman Avenue in Wilton Monday, police said
A man suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound in this home on Grumman Avenue in Wilton Monday, police said Photo Credit: Melvin Mason, File

Updated at 3:30 p.m. WILTON, Conn. — A Wilton man was shot in the face when a rifle went off during a struggle over the gun with his wife, Wilton police said Tuesday.

The man, 47, was taken to Norwalk Hospital with life-threatening injuries after the gun went off once Monday morning in a home in Grumman Avenue, police said in a news release.

Only one shot was fired, police said. The woman, 39, suffered facial injuries, but they were not life-threatening, police said.

The struggle over the hunting rifle took place in an upstairs bedroom, Police Capt. John Lynch said Tuesday. Lynch said he did not know the caliber of the rifle and did not comment on what prompted the struggle. 

Police have not released either person's name. The couple have two high school-age children, Lynch said.

Police responding to a report of a gunshot Monday morning found the woman had gone to a neighboring home to call 911. The man was found with a life-threatening gunshot wound in the couples' adjacent home, where the gun had gone off, police said. 

No one else was in the home, police said.

The Wilton Police Department and Stamford District Attorney’s Office were investigating. The Connecticut State Police Major Crime Scene Investigation Unit assisted with evidence collection.

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Comments (11)

Too much missing info for anybody to draw any real opinions on, unless its just empty anti gun rhetoric. I'm sure we will learn more as they figure things out.

yes, It is Tuesday. If it were a teen, it would have been released last night...

If it was a teen, most likely a parent or an adult would have arrived home by bed time

Attempted murder/suicide? If this happened on Woodward Ave all of the details would be public by now.

Om Woodward Ave. everybody knows everybody at least by the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon theory

Why is it that when older teens get arrested or are involved in an incident, the papers are so quick to put their names in. When adults do "foolish" things, names are not in the papers? Suppose that speaks to how highly teens and their families are thought of....

The article reads,." Police have not identified the couple. "

This is one of the main reasons I refuse to drop my children off at anyone's home for a play date A LOT of people have guns in their home!!!!

I'm sorry, but this literally made me laugh out loud. There are plenty of unlicensed drivers (and bad drivers) on the road, do you allow your children in the car? There are shootings at schools, do you allow your children to go to school? There are dangerous toys with toxins, do you allow your children to play with toys? etc.

My takeaway from this story is that it is an isolated domestic situation. While tragic, I think we are all safe at this point.

Guns in the home